Bronzer Collection Tag

bronzer collection tag

Today’s tag is all about my bronzers! I of course showed you my full bronzer collection not too long ago, but when I did the blush version of this tag so many of you wanted me to do different versions with other categories of my makeup collection. So that’s what we’re doing today. Bronzers have become a lot better in recent years and so my bronzer collection has exploded a bit. But I have a few solid favorites, which is what today’s tag is focusing on. So let’s chat about bronzers!

Tag Tuesday: Bronzer Collection Tag

Prompts & reviews:

  • Newest Bronzer (review)
  • Oldest Bronzer (review)
  • Most Expensive Bronzer (review)
  • Everyday Bronzer (review)
  • Most Colorful Bronzer (review)
  • Best Memory (review)
  • Worth The Hype (review)
  • Not Worth The Hype (review)
  • Fave From Fave Brand (review 1, 2)
  • Most Used Bronzer (review)
  • Most Underrated Bronzer (review)
  • Most Nostalgic Bronzer (review)
  • Most Disappointing Bronzer (review)
What would you answer for these prompts?

5 responses to “Bronzer Collection Tag”

  1. I still can’t figure out how to use a bronzer. I would like to since after I apply powder foundation, I’m super duper pale. I just can’t seem to get bronzer to look natural on me. It always looks like blush (but bronze) when I try to apply it. I want to try the Nabla one sometime.

    • Bronzer can be hard to get right when you are super pale. It’s why I struggled so much for so long. However, I’m not sure how big a part bronzer was of 50s makeup. From what I know, they didn’t really use it back then. They wore blush more so than bronzer right?

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