Catrice Shake Fix Glow spray review

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A makeup fixing spray that can do it all? That’s what the new Catrice Shake Fix Glow makeup setting spray seems to offer. This is a hydrating setting spray that is enriched with different extract to not only help set your makeup, but to also nourish your skin. Could this be too good to be true? I think it is, because how much does a makeup fixing spray actually do? However, I was curious enough to try it as I generally like Catrice setting sprays. I tried their Sungasm limited edition one last summer and a quick search showed me that I have been using their Prime and Fine setting spray on and off since at least 2017.

Review: Catrice Shake Fix Glow Spray Hydrating with Cactus Flower & Pineapple Extract

Catrice is of course a super affordable brand, but their fixing sprays come in quite small packaging which means you do go through them quite quickly. You only get 50 mls of product which is a travel size for most brands. However, you do only pay €4.99 for this and that is of course a steal as far as fixing sprays go. Because for a spray that does nothing but round off your makeup look, these products can get pricey. I personally have never owned a full size of the Urban Decay All Nighter spray for instance as I find 30+ euros a bit steep. So I always buy that as a travel size which still is half the price. This costs a third of what a travel sized UD setting spray costs, so I’ll take it if I can.

What does this setting spray have to offer?

The Catrice Shake Fix Glow spray is one that I was excited for, but also skeptical about. In my brain, hydrating products are usually not the most longlasting and I therefore wasn’t sure this was going to work. To top things off: this has shimmer floating in it, but we’ll get back to that in a minute. So yeah, overall, I knew that Catrice can do a good setting spray which got my hopes up, but the shimmer and the fact that this is supposed to be hydrating didn’t necessarily sell it to me. I would not have bought it, if I wasn’t so committed to trying so many of the new Catrice & Essence products all the time.

What is the spritzer like?

You know how it goes: any setting spray is only as good as the mist it produces. What we want? A fine, gentle spritz that mists onto your face like a sprinkle of fresh dew. What we don’t want? An aggressive, nozzle like squirt that feels like it might poke your eye out. Luckily this spritzer is the finest one I think Catrice has produced so far and I have to say this feels very pleasantly on the face. The mist is fine enough and this is the kind of spray that I can keep spraying. I therefore like to use this liberally.

What about that shimmer?

To demonstrate for you what this product does, we are going to have to take it in stages. First of all, on the left you see the product the way it looks when you buy it or when it has been sitting in place for a while. On the right is the product after shaking it up. Can you see the glimmer? I definitely can and therefore I thought this would make me look like a glittery mess once applied to the face. I couldn’t have been further away from the truth.

How does this setting spray work?

Well that’s a tough one to answer as I find I can never fully tell what kind of job a makeup setting spray does unless it really makes my makeup wear longer like the UD All Nighter. Nothing beats that in terms of how long it makes your makeup last so I wasn’t expecting this too do that either. In these pictures you can see my face without the spray on the left. On the right is my face right after applying it. Can you see a difference? Because I sure cannot. This doesn’t make my skin look overly dewy or glittery (thank heavens!) but my makeup still looks natural and it doesn’t go cakey either.

My final thoughts

The Catrice Shake Fix Glow spray is possibly my favorite setting spray Catrice has produced so far. I think because it is more hydrating it works well on my dry/ dehydrated skin especially now we’re gearing up for winter. I don’t think this spray will work well for people with oilier skin types than mine because this doesn’t really set your makeup in place. Rather, I find it is one of those sprays that fuses your makeup together and combined with a primer and foundation that do most of the legwork it does make your makeup last longer than without a spray. However, don’t expect this to be the kind of spray that will see you through an avalanche because it won’t.

Would I recommend the Catrice Shake Fix Glow spray?

This spray is by far one of my favorites now. I will certainly purchase a new one once I am done but I am currently making my way through several makeup fixing sprays and I like to use one up before I move on to the next one so I that won’t happen any time soon. And by that time Catrice may have already discontinued this, because you know how it goes with Catrice and their line: they discontinue products every 6 months and then bring in new stuff. So grab this while you can!

What is your favorite makeup setting spray at the drugstore?
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