Most Disappointing Makeup of 2020

most disappointing worst makeup products of 2020 foundation concealer eyeshadow palette

Today we are kicking off my end of year makeup products list for 2020. I tried a lot of products this year and sadly not everything I try works out for me. So that’s why I wanted to update you on those products that just didn’t work for me for whatever reason. This would be my top 10 if you’d ask me which products just didn’t live up to my expectations and why. And I throw in one more product for good measure as I didn’t review it yet, but it disappoint me quite a bit in its performance. Hope you enjoy the video!

My most disappointing makeup products of 2020 // Foundation, Concealer, Lipstick & Eyeshadow Palettes

Products mentioned:

  1. Catrice True Skin foundation & concealer (concealer review & foundation review)
  2. VE Cosmetics Grimoire (review)
  3. Catrice Clean ID lipsticks (review)
  4. Maybelline Ink Crayon sticks (review)
  5. Natascha Denona Diamond Glow mini (review)
  6. Urban Decay Wired (review)
  7. Maybelline Radiant Liquid foundation (review)
  8. Essence Witch Side eyeshadow palette (review)
  9. Essence 8 Hr Stay Matte liquid lipstick (review)
  10. Catrice Poreless Mousse foundation (review)
  11. Beauty Bay Pastels
What was the most disappointing product you tried in 2020?

2 responses to “Most Disappointing Makeup of 2020”

  1. I have two: First is the Secret Brightening Powder for under eyes by Laura Mercier. It’s expensive, messy and it collects in the creases. It was a big waste of money! I should have just stayed with the Too Faced powder. The other disappointing item, I just received and it’s Givenchy Le Rouge Night Nior Lipstick. It looks nothing, nothing, nothing like the picture. The color is “Night In Red” and it’s a sheer, muddy plum (definitely not a red), with no glitter in it like it shows online. I want to send it back but I don’t have a printer to print the return label. I got it on sale but it was still expensive!

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