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Let’s review another lipstick shall we? I normally rotate in so many base products in my monthly Shop My Stash selections that I never get around to reviewing lip products. Now that I am using stuff I have used and reviewed before, I figured I could focus on reviewing this category of makeup more for a bit to just get through the reviews. So another week, another lipstick review. This week’s rendition is all about the MAC Powder Kiss lipstick in Lasting Passion. I bought this lipstick after falling lowkey in love with Stay Curious: a different shade from the same line.

Review: MAC Powder Kiss lipstick in Lasting Passion

There is nothing too different about this lipstick compared to Stay Curious other than the shade. I am not sure whether this shade was part of the core collection, or whether it was released as part of the extended Powder Kiss range. The promise on this is also the same as is the price point. For €19.50 you get a lightweight formula, that is matte, long-lasting with a blurring effect. However, I didn’t pay that for this lipstick as I got this in a Back 2 MAC deal.

What does this lipstick have to offer?

The Powder Kiss line was a very new formula for MAC when it launched. Tapping into the K-beauty hype it promised a blotted or blurred lip look with a matte finish and a thin texture. This range therefore also focused on many bright and nude shades and when it first launched I struggled finding shades that I a) felt were unique b) looked good in the formula. I feel this isn’t a formula that is universally flattering with every shade. I would definitely forego the nudes as a nude shade doesn’t lend itself for this kind of texture. But that is my opinion.

What is the shade like?

Lasting Passion is a shade that I bought after falling in love with Stay Curious. Stay Curious is a reddish toned nude on me and I loved it, so I wanted to try one of the bright. So what do I do? I select a bright red. Because what else is new with me?! I love reds and this shade appealed to me for that reason. However, in real life, this is much brighter than most reds I own. It has a slightly neon leaning quality to it and leans a bit more pink toned than most of the reds I own. Therefore I wouldn’t categorize this as a classic red, but a bright, fun red that is different from many reds on the market.

What does the lipstick swatch like?

The Powder Kiss lipstick is one that you need to build up to get full coverage. As the lipstick is quite thin in texture, you need a few swipes to get full opacity. That doesn’t mean this lipstick is sheer though: it is not. However, this is the kind of lipstick that is meant to be worn not only full on, but also blotted onto the lips or as a sheer stain. With this lipstick you certainly have all those options, but I definitely prefer to use this full on and wear it as a traditional lipstick.

What does this lipstick look like on?

You know how I feel about reds: I put them on and something just happens to my face. Red is my color and I feel this lipstick is therefore a great look on me. Even though I own many reds, I feel this adds something new to my vast red lipstick collection. It has a brightness that is great for the spring/ summer season. It is bright, it is fun and it reminds me of popsicles, watermelon and strawberries. In short, all things related to summer and having fun.

My final thoughts

I knew going into this lipstick that I would love it. Is it a musthave for me? No, but I do like this formula and it is definitely something different in my collection for that reason. However, the shade is not too special to me as I own other bright matte reds. I still love this too because the formula and the finish intrigue me and therefore I feel this lipstick overall was a good addition to my lipstick collection overall.

Would I recommend the MAC Powder Kiss lipstick in Lasting Passion?

Depending on what you are looking for, this can be a great shade to buy or it is not. If you own many different reds this may not be what you are looking for. The formula is something very specific and not for everyone. I think the combination of the shade and the formula is where this lipstick shines, but I can also see this not working out for most people. This is not a lipstick for beginners and if you are simply looking for a good classic red to try a red for the first time, this would not be for you. However, if you want a fun, bright, fruity red that can add something unique in terms of formula, then this is one that can be worth looking into.

What is a lipstick you own that is not your holy grail musthave but that you still love?
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