Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G. lipstick Stoned Rose review

charlotte tilbury k.i.s.s.i.n.g. lipstick review swatch stoned rose fair skin dry skin

Today we are talking lipstick again. I hope you don’t mind we are doing another one of these, but this will be the last one I will be able to do for a while as I don’t have that many lipsticks lying about anymore that I haven’t yet reviewed. And today’s one will be interesting. Charlotte Tilbury is one of my favorite brands for lipstick. I reviewed the infamous Pillow Talk, went on to review even more here, here, here and here and last December I did a video in which I swatch out all of my Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks in one single video. But those longstanding favorites are all from her Matte Revolution line. This review is for the only lipstick I own from the creamy formula line which is called K.I.S.S.I.N.G. so let’s have a closer look.

Review: Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G. lipstick in Stoned Rose

As the Matte Revolution lipsticks, the K.I.S.S.I.N.G. lipsticks retail for €32. So there is no difference in the price point. What is the difference? The texture. The Matte Revolution lipsticks are a matte finish lipstick whereas this line is the more creamy satin finish lipstick range. This lipstick is supposed to be more moisturising and that is something that I recently have been a bit of a fan of. So even though I bought this a while ago and hadn’t worn it much, I knew I had to try it more now that my lipstick preferences seem to be shifting from a full on matte (the drier the better) to a more nourishing, creamy finish.

What does this lipstick have to offer?

So I picked this lipstick out in store. Under store lighting this looked really interesting: like a warm toned pinky shade. Once I got it home I was shocked to find how orange this is. It does have a very lovely creamy formula but where this lipstick promises to be very nourishing on the lips I find it is not that different from a matte. It just doesn’t last as long. I don’t find it as creamy and rich as the brand promises it to be and how it applies at first. After a good 2 – 3 hours this no longer feels as lovely and the color also wears off.

What is the shade Stoned Rose like?

Based on the name you would expect this to be quite pink perhaps, but it is a very strong warm color with a coral/ peach undertone that unfortunately stands out a lot against my fair cool/ neutral skin. More so than the pink tone which it most certainly has. I think this may be more flattering on a deeper skin tone or if you have a strong warm undertone: that may bring out the pink more. I definitely want to try this over my Pillow Talk lip liner to hopefully make it look more pink. Since the formula is creamy, I feel I don’t get as much pay off so a lip liner might make a difference in how this looks.

What does this lipstick swatch like?

On my skin as you can see, this lipstick looks like a terracotta orange/ red. Very far removed from a rose shade, and I am not a huge fan of orange toned lipsticks on myself unless it is an orange toned red. The formula is rich and creamy at first, but I feel that nourishing layer rubs of easiest and therefore this is not as hydrating as it claims to be. The pigmentation is still on point and where many satin finish cream lipsticks start to travel and transfer like crazy, I feel this lipstick stays put rather well. I can get a good 4 – 5 hours of wear out of this without touching it up. However, I would recommend reapplying this after a meal so that the lipstick feels a bit better again.

What does this lipstick look like on?

I feel this lipstick is definitely not ugly on me: it’s pretty. It’s just not what I had expected. I love how it has a subtle shine to it, but as mentioned that is the first thing that rubs off and disappears rather quickly, much more quickly than the pigment of the lipstick shade. I can see a bit of a rosy hue here, so I hope that if I wear it less full on, over a more pink toned lip liner that I can make this work even better for me. Since this is a more expensive lipstick I definitely want to play around with it and try and see if I can get more use out of it, rather than declutter it. This is nice, but it’s not perfect.

My final thoughts

Unfortunately Charlotte Tilbury’s Stoned Rose was not what I had hoped to be. Is that the product’s fault? Not entirely. I should have tried this on in store (I bought this pre-Covid) and then I would have been able to see for myself this wouldn’t work for me. However, now that I committed I want to get the most use out of this. So I will now try to pair this with different products to see if I can make it pull more pinky on me. If I manage to do that I think this can look pretty, but it will never be my favorite. From the formula to the shade itself this is just not my favorite CT product. In the future I will stick to her Matte Revolution lipsticks (but at the moment there are none on my wishlist).

Would I recommend the Charlotte Tilbury KISSING lipstick in Stoned Rose?

This is the kind of lipstick that I can see being pretty on many different people. It’s just not great if you have a fair skin with a cool to neutral undertone. Charlotte Tilbury’s brand pull quite warm overall and that means that not all the shades will work as perfectly for someone like me. However, if you are deeper than me, or if you have a warm undertone I think you will find that this lipstick can work very well for you. After that it is just a matter of personal preference whether this lipstick will work for you.

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