10 Eyeshadow Palette Review

10 eyeshadow palette review

Every few months I have tried enough eyeshadow palettes to do a video updating you on how I feel about them. It is that time again! I have tried 10+ eyeshadow palettes from luxury to drugstore and indie to neutral and rainbow. There really is a great mix here, but that also means, unfortunately, that not everything was as successful. I’d say it’s a 50/50 mixed bag today of stuff I really really love and stuff I really really didn’t. Let’s review these 10 eyeshadow palettes!

Update 2022: I have added links to dedicated reviews per palette and if such a review is unavailable a picture overview of the palette is in this blog post. That way, we have everything in one spot!

Review: 10 eyeshadow palettes I tried recently // incl. swatches & looks

Palettes mentioned:

Pat McGrath Labs Mothership I Subliminal

Persona Cosmetics Identity II

Nomad Cosmetics Tokyo Harajuku

What is the last eyeshadow palette you tried?
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