Pat McGrath Rose Decadence review

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Shadow Saturday is on! And today’s palette is an expensive puppy. This 6-pan Pat McGrath Mothership limited edition palette came out over the summer time and I knew straightaway I wanted to own it. Why? Well I fell in love with Pat McGrath’s formula over the summer time after trying the Divine Rose II (which I have yet to review) and so I knew I wanted to try more. The Rose Decadence palette is a more curated, smaller color story that keeps the rosy tones flowing nicely in Pat’s line. These are my thoughts.

Review: Pat McGrath Labs MTHRSHP Rose Decadence eyeshadow palette

Pat McGrath Labs is a more luxury and therefore more expensive brand to try from. I first tried their Nocturnal Nirvana quad and at first I wasn’t too impressed given the hefty price point. At €66 for a 6-pan palette, this is definitely up there in price but it is a good price point to try Pat McGrath. That said, since then, the brand has come out with a much larger palette at just a bit more money than this and I know many people used that to get their first products. I buy Pat McGrath from their official website: they do good deals, they offer free shipping to The Netherlands on all orders and they also take care of any customs fees as all those costs are calculated already as part of the price you pay for the products. So no surprises after the fact!

What does this palette have to offer?

As mentioned, this is a 6-pan eyeshadow palette that offers a warm-toned color palette featuring peaches, roses and champagnes. According to the brand, it is a ‘love letter to ravishing roses […], evoking the brilliance and splendour of legendary royal gardens’. Well, if that doesn’t make you want to buy the palette than what does (if anything Ms. Pat’s marketing team is on point, that’s for sure). Additionally the brand claims these shades are super blendable and easy to use while still being vibrant and super pigmented shades. These should be one swipe, intense eyeshadows that offer different finishes and textures while not skimping on performance. Those are some bold claims to make!

What is the color story like?

In this six pan palette we get several finishes: there are two mattes, two metallics, one frost and one duochrome. For such a small palette we therefore get a lot of different textures and that is one thing that I love about Pat McGrath shadows: they aren’t just a bunch of colors thrown together, but the textures also play off each other quite well. For a rose palette you might be surprised though that this palette doesn’t scream pink. However, that is precisely why I like it. We get a warm pink, a peach and a fushia purple duochrome in the top row. While in the second row we get a deep mauve, a bronze with a rose undertone and a gold. Pat McGrath puts a gold in every palette she does and it’s always my least favorite shade.

What does this palette swatch like?

For the price point, I certainly wasn’t disappointed. These are indeed one swipe and boom you have the pigment you want kind of shades. The mattes especially are rich and feel super smooth. The shimmers have different levels of impact which I really like. The frosty pink is a bit more muted and the duochrome perhaps not as strong as some indie shimmers, but I like that not everything is as foiled as the two metallics in the palette. This gives the palette a level of versatility that if all of those shimmer had the same intensity probably wouldn’t be there. As promised, these shades are super blendable, especially those mattes and I had no issues applying these shimmers either.

What does this palette look like on the eyes?

I created one look with this palette in which I used all 6 shades. I think this is the perfect palette for doing that, but you can easily mix these together in different color combinations. I used the peach shade in the crease while using the matte mauve to deepen things up. I placed the bronze and the gold on the lower lash line and that stunning purply pink tone all over the lid is the duocrome shimmer. I finished off the look with the frosted pink in the inner corner. The final result is a sultry warm toned rosy, despite the fact that not a single shade in the palette is an outright rosy pink shade. With this palette, it truly is about how everything comes together.

My final thoughts

The Pat McGrath Labs MTHRSHP Rose Decadence palette is one that instantly wowed me. Where my Nocturnal Nirvana quad took me a few tries to get the hang of, this one was an instant hit. I was able to create a softly blended look that has a stunning undertone. I keep saying I don’t like warm tones, but warm tones that lean more pink are very flattering on me, case in point today’s makeup look. I really love how this look came out and I am looking forward to reaching for this more in the spring time when I think this palette will be exceptionally perfect. I can see myself pairing this with my Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes, the Sweet Peach and for instance the ABH Soft Glam for more versatility and creating some stunning shades.

Would I recommend the Pat McGrath Rose Decadence eyeshadow palette?

If you have the budget for this I most certainly would. These undertones are unique to the market and I haven’t seen any brand do a palette just like it yet. The quality is amazing, the longevity is amazing and I really like how this came together. I think this will be especially stunning if you have a warm undertone and deep skin: then this will truly shine. However, also against my fair complexion do these shades work, I just have to be very careful what bronzer, blush, highlight and lipstick I wear. Save up for it if you want to, but I wouldn’t recommend running out to buy this. Yes it’s stunning but also pricey. I would definitely recommend holding out for a sale. FYI: just because this says it is limited edition doesn’t mean it won’t be around for long. Some 2019 Holiday limited edition stuff is still for sale on her website.

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