Shop My Stash February 2021

shop my stash february 2021 everyday makeup drawer

In this shop my stash, we will be having a closer look at the products I used in January and I update you on how I got on with those. I used up or nearly used up quite a few products (YAY) and so I rolled in some new stuff already and I want to give my everyday makeup drawer a good shakeup. So expect lots of changes for February. For February I will be giving myself some ‘projects’ to work on such as reusing some older products to decide whether I will declutter them, a ‘glowy primer tryout’ for a video as well as some new foundations that I would like to try and review for you. In sort, lots going on so let’s get crackin’.

Shop my Stash February 2021 // Everyday makeup drawer ft. mini reviews

January products:

Eyeshadow palettes used:

February products:

What makeup have you been using this month?
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