Colourpop Merci Bouquet Supershock Duo review

colourpop merci bouquet supershock eyeshadow review duo swatch makeup look application fair skin daytrippin' bloomer

In this review we will be having a closer look at a product I love, but that I mention not nearly enough on here or on my Youtube channel. What it is: Colourpop Supershock eyeshadows! Are these the best cream shadows on the market? According to me they come very very close to deserving that title. I just don’t think I have done that many dedicated reviews for these on this blog. There is a review up for one of the first batches I ever tried and I did a full collection video, but I could definitely be more consistent at reviewing these as they come in. So in an attempt to makeup for that blogging fail, I present to you my review of the Merci Bouquet duo that came as part of the Making Mauves collection.

Review: Colourpop Merci Bouquet Supershock eyeshadow duo Daytrippin’ & Bloomer

Let’s get started straight away: this duo is still available. Colourpop has a habit of not being great at restocking older products, but at the moment as I writing this review, this set of 2 Supershock shadows is still available on their official website. This set retails for $10 which is a bit of a better price point compared to buying these individually. Overall you get a $2 discount if you buy this set compared to buying them one by one. That said, these shades aren’t available as individual shades as is the case with many of these Supershock duo sets.

What does these eyeshadows have to offer?

Why not start by telling you a little bit about why I love the Supershock formula and why I decided to buy this set? What I love about Colourpop Supershock shadows is that they are affordable at $6, they come in many different shades and they have a great cream to powder formula that is longlasting and easy to apply. I prefer to apply these with fingers, so it is not very precise to get these on and I therefore use these mainly on no-makeup-makeup days where I don’t want to do much in terms of shadow. Another way I like to use these is as a sparkly topper over a basic matte eye look.


This set comes with a lighter and a darker shade. Daytrippin’ is the lightest shade of the two. The brand describes this shade as a pale lavender, but I feel this looks more like a very shimmering soft baby pink with an iridescent shimmer. This is my favorite type of Supershock: I love the soft shimmering ones as they make for great all over lid shades. The iridescent shimmer means you get a very pretty glass like finish: like you are wearing an eye gloss but without it looking messy after a few minutes. Over a primer this lasts all day.


Bloomer is the darker shade of the two. Colourpop describes this as a warm plum but I would say this is more like a warm toned mauve at its base with a silvery iridescent shimmer. Very pretty but a little bit deeper than Daytrippin’ and therefore a great pairing. I would not wear this on its own very quickly as there is too much base pigment to this one, but topped with Daytrippin’ you get a very dimensional shimmer look. Since this is deeper I also like using this on the lower lash line with a dense pencil like brush.

How do these swatch?

Sadly the swatches on the Colourpop website are a little bit misleading as these look super opaque. I find Daytrippin’ to be more like a sheer base with lots of sparkle. If you know that going into it, then I think this product will not disappoint you. However, if you go by some of the swatches I found online I think you might be. Bloomer is deeper in its base tone but I find the shimmer to almost clash with the warmth of that shade. Sheered out on the lid it happens to be super pretty and works much better than it might look in a full on swatch.

How do these shadows apply?

To show you what these look like on the lid, I put Daytrippin’ all over the top lid and Bloomer on the lower lash line. As you can see these make for a great barely there kind of makeup look that is super pretty for days where you don’t want to faff around too much. These are quick and easy to use and by now I have used this combo in more ways than just this. I also have used Bloomer all over the lid and topped it off with Day trippin’ and I also did a look where I put Bloomer on the outer part of the lid and Daytrippin’ on the inner part. All three looks were very pretty in real life.

My final thoughts

I love Colourpop Supershock shadows and the Merci Bouquet duo featuring Daytrippin’ and Bloomer are no different. I will most likely end up using Daytrippin’ more often as that is the kind of Supershock I love (Ritz and Frog are two of my favorites). However, the pairing of these two shades is lovely too and I feel they play very well together. In sort, a little shadow set that is worth it in my opinion.

Would I recommend the Colourpop Supershock Merci Bouquet duo?

YES! But Colourpop has many different Supershock shades and many other duos as well. I also own the set from the Wine & Only collection and I am low key lusting after the one that came in the That’s Taupe collection. So yep, lots of these that I love and it’s a product I will keep repurchasing as they release more shades and some of mine start drying out. Because that is the only downside to these: the more you open these up and expose the product to air, the quicker the product expires and dries out.

Have you ever tried Colourpop supershock eyeshadows?
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