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Can we rave about a favorite for a moment? Because I already knew before I had even tried this product that I would love it. Why? Because I already owned two other products from Nabla’s Skin Glazing line (the bronzer and the highlighter) and love those. So for me, the blush shade was just an element missing in my ever further extending blush collection. I went with the shade Lola, as that seemed most appealing to me. So is this blush formula up to par with the other products in the same line?

Review: Nabla Skin Glazing Glass Skin Finish Glow Powder in Lola

The answer to that question is most certainly YES! Because this is indeed that very same formula I already know and love from the bronzer in Ambra and the highlighter in Privilege. This blush retails for the same price too: at €22 a pop you get yourself a great, sheer but glowy, healthy looking blush that is subtle enough for everyday wear. This is great for those no makeup makeup days, but also gives enough color if you want for a more amped up look.

What does this blush have to offer?

Well, officially this isn’t a blush. This product is packaged and branded the same way as the highlighter line. There are no separate blushes available but some of the more newly released shades are reddish tones that depending on your complexion can work as blush. So Lola, which is the shade I am featuring here today, may be a blush on me, but on a deeper skin tone it doesn’t have to be. I think it is clever to not brand these as a blush per se, but as a glowy skin powder because that is exactly what this product does: add glow to your skin with a hint of color.

What is the product like?

Like the other products from Nabla’s Skin Glazing line that I have tried, this is a gel/ cream to powder texture. This means the product feels creamy to the touch, but you can pick it up with a brush and apply it like powder. This type of formula is one that has been on the rise in cheek product land and I am here for it. Usually, these type of products are the most natural looking as they are very buildable and blend into the skin very nicely. Lola as a shade is one of 8 in the Skin Glazing line (and then there are 3 bronzers) and it is described as a watermelon pink. Just what I love!

How does this blush swatch?

This blush is a stunning glowy product. It reminds me of a less intense, more creamy version of a more pink toned Nars’ Orgasm. It seems to have a bit of a golden glow to it but that sparkle is not noticeable on the skin. Applied with fingers, you get the most full on effect like you see here, but when applied with a brush the result is far more subtle and one you can just keep applying without looking like a clown. It is therefore a great winter time blush for me: the combination of the formula and the shade make it perfect for this time of year.

How does the blush apply to the cheeks?

As you can see in this before and after picture, the blush is one that only adds a hint of color if you go in with a light layer. On my fair skin, in the winter time, most blushes look like too much (hence my need for 3 blush brushes so I can use only a touch of blush if I want to), but this never does. The shade gives me that ‘fresh in from the cold’ look. The formula makes this blend into my skin to make it look natural. Lastly, the glowy texture this has makes it look healthy and youthful. In short, everything I want from a blush.

My final thoughts

While this product may not officially be branded as a blush, as you can see here, the Nabla Skin Glazing powders can easily be used as such if you pick a shade that works like a blush on you. Lola does that for me and the shade is as much part of the love train I have going on for this product as the formula. The formula is consistent with the other products I already tried and in terms of longevity and usability this is just one of the best cheek products on the market today.

Would I recommend the Nabla Skin Glazing blush in Lola?

Most certainly I would. If you haven’t tried these yet, I highly recommend you do. This product is just and ace in my book. No matter which one you try, be it the bronzer, highlighter or the blush: you will get a consistently lovely product that give you bang for your buck. And isn’t that what we all want?

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