Lisa Eldridge Lipstick Collection

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In this video I will be showing you all shades from the Lisa Eldridge lipstick range that I own. I already reviewed the first 4 shades I bought last year, but because I loved them so much I bought some more when these restocked last fall. Of course she came out with some new shades as well so I had to add those into the mix as well. I now own 11 lipsticks from her line: 9 True Velvets and 2 Insanely Saturated lipsticks (which seem to no longer be around). I am missing 4 of the shades that are currently on her website, but I hope to be able to pick those up come the next restock. In case you are curious to know what these lipsticks look like on me, then this is the video for you as I swatch all of them out for you on both my hand as well as on my lips.

Lisa Eldridge lipstick collection // True Velvet & Insanely Saturated lipstick review incl. (lip)swatches

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