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We all I know trying some Essence and Catrice items and these two brands are usually very good at doing decent primers. I have tried so many in the past and every time their new collection rolls around and they do something new that appeals to me, I’ll try it. The new Essence Prime + Studio line didn’t appeal to me beyond this new primer: the Hydrating + Skin Refreshing primer. Why? Because I love a hydrating primer and at this affordable price point, you really can’t beat it.

Review: Essence Prime+ Studio Hydrating + Skin Refreshing primer

This being an Essence primer, we know this is going to be affordable. Just how affordable you say? How about €3.59 euros worth affordable? This is easily one of the most affordable primers I have ever tried and I have tried a lot. For some reason I love primers that are cheap. Why would I want to spend a boat load of money on a product that just sits under my makeup and is invisible to everyone else? It just doesn’t make sense to me. A primer, for me, just has to get the job done.

What does this primer have to offer?

This primer is a hydrating product that promises to include some coconut water and hyaluronic acid to help with your skin’s hydration. It has a lotion like feeling: this feels more like a moisturizer than a primer. When it sets down, it never feels sticky but leaves my face feeling very smooth and soft. It quickly settles down and is absorbed by the skin in a jiffy. It comes out white but once blended out you can’t see it anywhere. This is not a glowy product: it mainly just acts as an extra step of moisture rather than really adding a visible layer to your skin like some primers do.

How does this primer swatch?

The only downside to a primer like this is that you might easily use too little or too much. Because of its lotion like feel I have a tendency to use too much and that I feel alters the performance of whatever makeup I put on top. It just feels so nice to apply this! As you can see here, the primer starts white but then sheers out into exactly nothing. It therefore blends in easily and after just a few moments it has sunken into the skin and you can start applying the rest of your makeup.

How does this primer apply?

Because of this primer virtually disappearing into the skin, there isn’t much to be seen in this before and after picture. However, you can see my skin is a bit more red from rubbing it into my skin. This kind of product has the kind of texture that means it’s best applied using fingers and whenever I do that my sensitive skin flares up and my face turns bright red. So you can see I did something here, but in terms of the product it really doesn’t make much of a difference to my skin’s appearance otherwise. It just feels very supple and soft.

My final thoughts

I am not too picky when it comes to primers. I love it if they hydrate my skin and make my makeup last longer. The Essence Prime + Studio Hydrating primer certainly does both. So especially at this price point, I feel this is a good little primer that has a lot going for it. If like me, you prefer a primer that just gives your skin that little extra prep before putting on makeup, then I think you will like this too. However, if you want your foundation to have a base that is nearly rock solid and won’t budge then this is one I would skip.

Would I recommend the Essence Hydrating primer?

For such a budget friendly product that gets the job done, I can only answer that question with a wholehearted YES! Considering how much you pay for this and the fact that it feels so pleasant on the skin, I think this has a lot going for it. Will I repurchase it though? Probably not, as Essence will most likely discontinue it before I can and I have a few primer favorites as well as other primers to try that I would like to go back to before this. It’s not holy grail status, just a good affordable drugstore primer.

What is the last super affordable product you tried that you loved?
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