MAC Extra Dimension blush Dilly-Dolly review

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I don’t often buy a product and review it immediately. For a few reasons. First, I tend to not focus on buying and reviewing the newest of the new products. Secondly, I want to make sure I truly try products for at least a week or two of daily wear to really know how they work. Thirdly, I have so many products to review and just so much time to write it all up. However, when I put this blush onto my cheeks for my Full Face of MAC, I knew I had to review it asap. This is my review for the MAC Extra Dimension blush in Dilly-Dolly from the Black Cherry Blossom limited edition collection.

Review: MAC Extra Dimension blush Dilly-Dolly limited edition

So why did I decide to put this blush at the top of my to review pile? Well first of all, it’s a limited edition product that you can only buy for a little while. So if I want this review to be helpful, it would have to go up soon. However, I also wanted to get this up asap as I really liked what this blush did for my face but since I won’t be able to wear this any time soon (we’ll get to that in a minute), I figured I would review it straight away. At €28.50 this is not a cheap blush, but I completely fell in love.

What does this blush have to offer?

So this blush is part of the MAC Extra Dimension blush range. These blushes have been around for a while and At Dusk was a shade I used to love and rave about. The Extra Dimension powders were released a few years ago and it is one of my favorite formulas from MAC. These are sheeny blushes and this shade in particular is extra shiny! By now MAC does many different products in the Extra Dimension line and I also quite like the highlighters that they do. Show Gold is a stunning shade. So I knew that I would love this product the minute it was announced.

What is the shade like?

Dilly-Dolly is the lightest of the four blushes that was launched as part of the limited edition Cherry Blossom collection for Spring 2021. There were a coral, a peach and a plum shade, but for my fair skin, I knew this light pink with a very soft gold, but not quite gold, sheen would be perfect. It is very light though. So I know that the minute I get a bit of a tan, this will no longer show up on my skin. However, my skin goes super pale in the winter (I’m an NC15 in MAC) and then this blush was perfect. It adds a hint of color and than a beautiful sheen that makes your cheeks look super healthy and glowy.

How does this blush swatch?

Can you believe this swatch? This looks almost like a highlighter, but it is softer and a lot less heavy in the shine than the highlighters are. I love how I was able to capture on camera how pretty this shifts. As you can see at the top of the swatch this is a soft, baby pink blush shade in its base. The shine on this then makes the color shift through a vanilla/ light/ white gold shade to an icy white. The dimension (what’s in a name!) in this blush is magnificent and it’s this sheen that makes this blush for me. It’s almost like a multichrome, formula but then in a blush.

What does this blush look like on the cheeks?

Can you just see how pretty this is on the cheeks? This blush has a great luminous flush to it and just enough base pigment to add that pretty color to the cheeks that I like to call ‘fresh in from the cold’. This is a blush that shows up well, despite how light it is and I feel that this shade is perfect for my skin tone when it is at its fairest. I know I will be able to get a lot of use out of this next winter, which is when I love to wear these shades.

My final thoughts

The MAC Extra Dimension blush in Dilly-Dolly has been a great find. I just put this on and I just knew it worked. And I don’t normally fall in love with MAC blushes. I have used many over the years but I never felt they were anything that special. Now that I have tried this, I would like to own another Extra Dimension blush for sure. So guess what I am currently looking into? Yup. Not that I need any more blush, but I really really like this one. The formula is smooth, it goes on nicely and it lasted all day on me. What’s not to love?

Would I recommend the MAC Extra Dimension blush in Dilly-Dolly?

Yes! If you can still find this, then definitely try it. Luckily for any pale skinned people, this shade doesn’t seem to be selling well as it is so light. For people with a deeper skin tone this could work as a subtle highlighter perhaps, but it isn’t as shiny as most highlighters. Who knew I could fall this much in love with a MAC blush?

What is the last product you instantly fell in love with?
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