Essence Fix & Last 18hr fixing spray review

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essence fix & last 18 hr makeup fixing spray review swatch application dry skin

Makeup fixing spray to me is one of those ‘work horse’ items in my makeup collection. It is not a must have to me but it does extend the wear time of my makeup so I do end up using it every day. However, that does mean that I do not like to pay too much money for a spray that doesn’t add much beyond a few more hours of wear time. I don’t try too many of these either as I never really notice too much of a difference unless they promise to be super mattifying. So with this one I was a bit nervous, but I wanted to try it anyway. How did it go?

Review: Essence Fix & Last 18 Hr makeup fixing spray

This Essence fixing spray certainly meets at least one of my requirements for a makeup fixing spray: it is cheap. This may very well be the cheapest setting spray I ever tried. At just €3.39 this is an absolute steal compared to many other setting sprays like the Urban Decay All Nighter. You get 50 mls which I feel is a great amount for a fixing spray. I never buy any in a full size as I don’t love them enough and I’d rather buy a smaller size so I can try some different ones and change it up.

What does this spray have to offer?

essence fix & last 18 hr makeup fixing spray review swatch application dry skin

This setting spray isn’t necessarily one that is up my street. It promises to have a mattifying effect and that it is waterproof. That said, I don’t find it really does that. I find the spray to be quite hydrating, so I think Essence is a bit off. For this price point, I am not really expecting this too much. The only thing this really needs to do is make my makeup last longer so if I feel it does that I am happy.

Why I don’t love this setting spray?

essence fix & last 18 hr makeup fixing spray review swatch application dry skin

I’m not going to beat around the bush: yes this product does what I need it to do. But it is cheap, it feels cheap and it was made cheaply. The latter point can be found in the packaging which feels thin, plastic-y and the spritzer is probably one of the worst ones I have come across in years. Not only is it a very generous spritz that leaves visible drops on your face, it also started to leak after I had used up about half the bottle. Luckily for me the product didn’t go everywhere, but it certainly is annoying as I am continuously wiping this bottle down after every use.

What does this fixing spray do?

essence fix & last 18 hr makeup fixing spray review swatch application dry skin

But here’s the thing: the spray does work. So if you don’t mind cheap packaging and you don’t want a super fine mist and just a fixing spray that gets the job done for little money than this one is a good one to try. You can see here what my face looks like before the spray and after. As you can see, my highlighter pops more, but the spray itself doesn’t add any shine. It promises to be mattifying but I do not find it is mattifying at all. I feel it is more dewy to be honest. And it does make my makeup last quite well and takes the powderiness away if my makeup looks a bit matte.

My final thoughts

essence fix & last 18 hr makeup fixing spray review swatch application dry skin

The Essence Fix & Last fixing spray is a great fixing spray for the price point if you get past the faulty packaging. The spray works but it just isn’t my favorite which is why I won’t be repurchasing this. Even though I want a fixing spray that just gets the job done, I do not think this is one I will be going back to once it is gone. This is good enough for me to use up completely as the product itself isn’t bad at all. The experience of using this just isn’t what I want out of a makeup product as I want the packaging to not break.

Would I recommend the Essence Fix & Last makeup fixing spray?

I would recommend this spray for people who want to try a fixing spray and who don’t want to spend too much money. If you don’t have much money to spend or if you just don’t want to spend heaps amount of money on a spray to make your makeup last a bit longer, then this is for you. The packaging may break on you and the spritzer is a bit aggressive, but honestly at this price point you just can’t be too choosy if the product does work. A better alternative that I feel gives you better packaging, the same effect at only a bit more money is the Make Up Revolution Green Tea fixing spray. That product has been on sale for a while now on the MUR website and it is just a little bit more expensive at €3.50.

What was an affordable product that you felt wasn’t necessarily worth the money?

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