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Today’s review is for a lipgloss that I hadn’t heard much about. However, when I said in a Youtube video that I was very interested in trying some more glosses, people recommended I try the Tower 28 Shine On Lip Jellies. As I was looking around for them I found the brand does two types: the Shine On Lip Jelly and the Shine On Milky Lip Jelly. So I decided to try a shade of each of the two lines and review them for you. Let’s see how we got on!

Review: Tower 28 Shine On Lip Jelly in Magic & Shine On Milky Lip Jelly in Coconut

Tower 28 is a brand I just saw suddenly popping up on people’s blogs and videos. It wasn’t a brand I knew much about or had heard of. So I kind of went out on a whim. I found the brand on Revolve and Revolve does not charge for shipping or custom fees which is an added bonus. These lipglosses are €14 a pop so it is great to know there are no other charges that will be added once you get these home. Now that I have tried some by the brand I would be interested in trying more and I think their cream cheek products may be next.

What do these lipglosses have to offer?

These glosses are some of the only products Tower 28 has to offer. Other than this, the brand only has a facial spray and some cream blush, bronzer and highlighter for sale. So it’s a very curated brand. I like that vibe. The Lip Jelly comes in 5 shades, the Milky Lip Jelly comes in 4. So the choice isn’t overwhelming and I like that. The brand promises that these are moisturizing lip products that give the shine of a gloss but the comfort of the balm. The Milky Lip Jellies seem to have a bit more of a cream finish to them though, whereas the Lip Jellies are more of a clear gloss with a hint of color.

Tower 28 Shine On Lip Jelly in Magic

Magic is the only clear with shimmer shade that is on offer. And when it comes to gloss I prefer a sheer shade with a bunch of glimmer so I can get some more versatility out of the product. If I wear a gloss for color I don’t like this jelly like texture, I prefer something creamier. However, now that I have tried this, some of the bright shades in this line do also appeal to me. I just don’t know I would wear a vibrant red gloss all that much. That said, this is indeed a very nourishing balm that is super comfortable to wear, but therefore also not the most longlasting. The shimmer in this is an iridescent gold and therefore universally flattering.

Tower 28 Shine On Milky Lip Jelly in Coconut

Of the lines on offer, the Milky Lip Jelly was the one that intrigued me the most. The shade Coconut is described as a mauve pink, but I found it looks more peachy in real life. However, once on the lips this is a very pretty nude on my lips and it just goes with all the looks. Since it has no shimmer it is best worn by itself and not over other lip products. It has the same lovely texture as Magic, but I think I prefer this one a little bit more as it just doesn’t really show up when this wears down. It is easy to reapply and the shade is just bang on even though I felt the description isn’t exactly what this shade does.

How do these lipglosses swatch?

As you can see here the lipglosses both have a lot of shine and a thick, creamy texture. These are a bit sticky but not to the point where they glue your lips together. It just feels like a very thick balm on the lips. This means it also nicely hydrates the lips, making them super comfortable. As these are super creamy I find these do not last the longest, but a drink of water is okay. However, I think that if I were to wear these to work I would have to definitely top up 2 – 3 times during a workday. I think these therefore last somewhere around the 2 – 3 hour mark.

What do these lipglosses look like on?

Tower 28 Shine On Lip Jelly Magic

So here I am wearing Magic by itself. It still works, but I feel it just doesn’t look as sparkly once applied to the lips. Going in with another layer is a no go as the formula is already quite thick and it would just slide around everywhere. So Magic isn’t my favorite. I probably should have bought one of the brighter shades that has no shimmer. That probably would have worked better for me. However, topped over a lipstick shade, in the center of the lip, this will add that pop of something different if you want to amp up a very matte look.

Tower 28 Shine On Milky Lip Jelly in Coconut

Of the two Coconut is definitely my favorite. Can you just see how pretty this is?! As peachy as it looks in the tube, once applied I feel it really makes my lips look like ‘my lips but better’. My lips look great, feel great and now that I have put this in my Shop My Stash I have been reaching for it a lot on days where I don’t know what lip color to put on. I have been wearing some brighter eyeshadow this month and this shade was just the perfect combination to go with all the bright rainbow and pastel eyeshadow I have been wearing as it never distracts from any of the other makeup I am wearing.

My final thoughts

The Tower 28 Shine On Lip Jelly and Milky Lip Jelly are two unexpected favorites. Coconut is obviously my favorite and I can see myself using this enough to the point where I will have used it up. I had a look at my tube the other day and you can already see the use on it. Magic is nice but in hindsight I don’t think the formula + the shimmer is necessarily the combination I am looking for in a lip topper for over other lipsticks. By itself I feel it doesn’t pack enough of a punch so for me that’s a bit of a fail, but I definitely would like to try some more now that I have tried some of these lipglosses.

Would I recommend Tower 28 lipgloss?

I am pleasantly surprised with these. It was a bit of an impulse purchase from a brand I had hardly even heard of and for me it worked out really well. I love Coconut and I think this is a great shade if you are looking for a good cream lipgloss that will just go with anything. These are definitely some of the better lipglosses I tried in my late 2020 lipgloss hype and I know I will get lots of use out of these. If you can get your hands on these and you’re in the market for a lipgloss: definitely worth checking out.

What is your favorite lipgloss?
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