Catrice Prime and Fine Multitalent fixing spray review

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A longstanding love that I have not yet reviewed for you: that is what the Catrice Prime and Fine Multitalent fixing spray is. This is a product that I have used up repeatedly, but somehow it just never got to writing a full review. Catrice is a brand that does quite a few good makeup products and their fixing sprays are usually really good. For me, it all got started with this one. So let me tell you exactly why I love this product so much.

Review: Catrice Prime and Fine Multitalent fixing spray

Let’s talk price point first, because Catrice being as affordable as they are, you just know that the price point will be reasonable. What is good to know about this fixing spray though is that it comes in a smaller, 50 ml bottle. Many setting sprays will contain double the amount so it is good to bear in mind that you would have to buy two of these to get that amount of product. That said, this still only retails for €4.59 a bottle and the Urban Decay All Nighter travel size, which comes with 30 ml of product, retails for €15. So compared to a higher end product, this still beats it any time.

What does this setting spray have to offer?

The Catrice Multitalent fixing spray is a longstanding favorite for a reason. Yes, you do not get a lot of product, but since this is very easy for me to get, I don’t mind replacing it all the time. The spray is lightweight and feels good on the face and isn’t overly fragranced. The mister is fine, not as fine as some of the newer sprays Catrice has released, but it certainly isn’t harsh or dispenses the product into clear droplets onto the skin. This was the first setting spray I tried that had a mister that didn’t feel like you were attacking your face.

What does the setting spray do?

Why even use a setting spray you might ask? Well I like using one as it makes my makeup look less makeuppy and because it helps with the longevity of my makeup. I found that using a setting spray can prolong the wear of my makeup and on my dry skin that isn’t of course the hardest task to do. I don’t need much but when I use this setting spray I feel my makeup lasts much better than without it and it looks nicer at the end of a long working day. In these pictures you can see the before and after: it looks a little wet at first, but then settles down nicely and it just makes my makeup look more seamless and more natural.

My final thoughts

The Catrice Multitalent fixing spray is one I have sworn by for years as it just does everything I need a setting spray to do without breaking the bank. Setting sprays can get scarily expensive and while those products may give you a more luxurious experience and slightly better packaging, the product really doesn’t make much of a difference to me. Whether I use this or the Urban Decay, I prefer this one as I feel it is a touch more hydrating and not as much as a hairspray for your face as that one is. Sure it sets my makeup, but it never does so in a way that I don’t like. To me, a setting spray is a utility product that I prefer to just get the job done rather than it needing spectacular packaging.

Would I recommend the Catrice Multitalent fixing spray?

I most certainly would. This is one of the best setting sprays I have tried and one of the most affordable ones to boot. I have tried other cheaper alternatives, but I often found their spritzers to be lacking or they would just start leaking all over the place. So sometimes, you do get what you pay for. With this product however, I feel I get the quality I want at a very attractive price point. That is why, the bottle I am reviewing here today is my 5th or 6th one that I have used over the years. And I just know, that once I run out of this one, I will go back to the store and buy a new one for as long as this remains available.

What setting spray do you use?
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