Votary Super Seed oil review

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You may remember that part of my skincare journey included the wish to try some more expensive options. I am someone who prefers to use products that work, regardless of the price point. If I can find a product that is dirt cheap but that gets the job done I will choose that over a more luxury product any time of day. Surely, there is merit in more luxury beauty products and I was curious to see if the price point of a skincare product would make much of a difference. I am used to using products by The Ordinary, The Body Shop and Good Molecules: all quite affordable brands, but still very effective. In today’s review we’ll be having a closer look at the Votary Super Seed Facial Oil. A much more expensive product and the question we are tackling today is: is it any better than many of the much more affordable facial oils I have tried?

Skincare review: Votary Super Seed Facial Oil

Before we get to the review, let’s talk price point. Because this is one bougee product with an equally bougee price tag. I bought mine on Cult Beauty where this retails for £70.00 for a 50 ml bottle. But that’s nothing. By now the brand is sold at Douglas in The Netherlands and there a 50 ml bottle will cost you €94.51. That’s nearly €100 for a face oil. Now mind you, one of my favorite face oils I ever tried is by Kruidvat (a Dutch drugstore name brand) which retails for less than €2. So how will this compare?

What does this facial oil have to offer?

I mean I wanted to try this product for a reason of course. First of all the formula is fragrance free and my sensitive skin therefore loves this for that reason. I often get quite red from using skincare products and it wouldn’t be the first time that my skin develops rashes, bumps or itchiness after using a skincare product. This never did that for me so that is lovely. The brand is clean, sustainable and all the products are handmade in small batches, so part of the price point can be explained that way. The claims on this is that it contains 22 super seed oils that should help against redness, irritation and loss of elasticity. It should make your skin glowy while working on it looking more plump as well. As you can imagine: with my dry, dehydrated skin, this sounded like something that might work for me.

What are the ingredients like?

Essentially the list is comprised of oils: one after another. So that sounds very promising and is certainly a difference with cheaper face oils I have tried. Cheaper facial oils will include other products other than oil to help stabilize lesser quality oils but also as a filler that doesn’t do much for your skin. Another thing that stands out here is that not only do you get lots of different oils, you also get quite a good amount of oils that will actually do something. Again, often times, cheaper face oils will include oils, but not necessarily the ones that are best for the skin. From what I can tell this product features plenty of oil and plenty of good ones too. It should therefore be very effective. But is it?

How does this facial oil apply to the skin?

Also when swatched I was impressed: the oil makes you skin glow when it first goes on. It sinks in quickly and where some facial oils can sit on the skin this never makes your skin feel like a grease fest. So you can tell that you are getting your money’s worth. However, now that I have nearly used up the bottle, I don’t feel this is doing much extra for me in the long term. At a price point this expensive I am expecting to see amazing results with much plumper better looking skin.

What I feel this does is nothing that many of my more affordable facial oils, such as The Ordinary’s B Oil, can’t do either. In fact, I believe that those might even work better for me. I therefore think that as good as this product sounds, that it just isn’t quite right for me and my skin type. My skin just laps this up and it’s one of those products I can keep applying and applying and applying. My skin isn’t looking any different in the mean time and I am mainly using this up because that’s what I do with any and all products that I like, but that didn’t wow me.

My final thoughts

At a price point this high, I expect to be amazed by the results or experience of using a skincare product. Unfortunately, the Votary Super Seed Facial Oil didn’t give me either. I like this product well enough to use it up, but I wouldn’t purchase it again myself. It is far too expensive for that and with such mediocre results I don’t find it worth it either. Yes it is lovely and the packaging is divine (not gonna lie, it’s partly what sucked me in in the first place) but I think there are better facial oils on the market for my particular skin type.

Would I recommend the Votary Super Seed Facial Oil?

Was this a complete waste of money? No it wasn’t of course. I feel that using this is still better than not using a facial oil at all. But that comment right there is quite telling. Because a product that costs this much I want to stand out from the crowd. It should be a product that I fall in love with that I feel I can’t live without and becomes a hero product. Unfortunately this product isn’t that for me, but I can see why you might like this. However, it is a pricey product to just try on a whim. Luckily, Cult Beauty does sell a mini 15 ml size bottle at £24.00, so that might be worth trying if you are interested in this product.

What is the most expensive skincare item you ever tried?
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