Colourpop eyeshadow palette reorganization

colourpop eyeshadow palette reorganization

Today I have a different video for you! If you have watched some of my videos these past few months than you will know I wanted to reorganize my Colourpop eyeshadow palettes. I own quite a few of the neutral and 9-pan palettes and while the palettes are good, the color stories just aren’t perfect. They are either too monochromatic, lacking in versatility and depth or the undertones just don’t go together. So I wanted to give my palettes a reshuffle: this is that video! I hope you enjoy!

Colourpop Palette Reorganization // Reorganizing my Colourpop Monochromatic 9-pans into more cohesive color stories

What do you think of my reorganized eyeshadow palettes?
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