Flower Beauty blush Spiced Petal review

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You know those lovely products that you actually don’t need, but because they have been recommended so many times, you still buy them to try them? That’s what happened to me and the Flower Beauty Flower Pot blush in Spiced Petal. I was over the moon when I spotted Flower Beauty at my local drugstore at the end of 2020. I had heard great things about their blushes, but once I saw the selection on offer I knew that I already owned blushes I loved in those particular shades but I still wanted to try the brand. So I bought Spiced Petal as this nude kind of blush shade is always a hit for me, the only question that remains is: is it any good?

Review: Flower Beauty Flower Pot Powder Blush Spiced Petal

So this may not be the most unique blush shade in my blush collection, but many people have raved about the quality of these blushes. Here in The Netherlands the brand does retail for a reasonable price, but it is not super affordable either. This blush retails for €12.99 which is quite a lot for a drugstore blush and nearing the more high end price bracket. I mean, I love Essence blushes that retail for a mere €2.59, so by comparison this is not super affordable. However, it is also not the most expensive blush in my collection, so in the end it all pans out.

What does this blush have to offer?

The Flower Beauty blushes are raved about for their seamless blend and their amazing formula. The shade range was a bit underwhelming for me and the shade I wanted to buy, Sweet Pea, was out of stock for the longest time. So I went with the next shade up to see if indeed this blush is as great as everyone says. And it is! The formula of this is really quite good. It is easy to blend out and I love how easy it is to just whack this and it will just always look good. That is not only down to the wearable shade, it is also down to the great formula that builds up nicely but never looks like too much. This is not that kind of blush that makes you look like a clown.

What is the shade like?

Over here, we can sadly only get this blush in three different shades. In the US you can get double the amount. So that is a bit of a shade. Of the shades available here, I think Spiced Petal is quite possibly the best one for me. Sweet Pea is a bit more of a cooler toned pink and not something I wear a lot. I like my blush to have a bit of warmth and that is exactly what Spiced Petal has. The other shade is Warm Hibiscus and that was far too orange for my liking. This shade is right smack in the middle and therefore a very neutral and wearable tone that goes with almost anything you wear. It is perhaps a hint too warm toned for this to really become an all time favorite blush shade and like I said: a shade like this is not unique and available at far more affordable price points that are just as great quality wise. So this blush is not a must have to me.

What does this blush swatch like?

In the pan I feel this blush looks like a warm pink, but on my skin tone, which is cool to neutral, I find this shows up quite peachy and almost brown toned leaning. I definitely felt that the shade I got was not the same as the shade that I had expected this to look like when looking at it in the pan. The finish of the powder is stunning though: it is nearly matte, but has a subtle hint of sheen. While it has great-pigmentation I feel this sheers out beautifully to add a bit of warmth to my face. Overall, this is a very inoffensive blush with a great formula but the shade just isn’t 100% perfect for me.

How does this blush apply to the cheeks?

This blush adds quite a natural look. Above you can see my cheeks without any blush, just some bronzer. Below is my cheeks after I applied the blush. This is that perfect barely there, yet I am wearing something kind of look. I think this is a blush and a shade that is perfect for people who want to wear makeup but who want it to not look too much like you are actually wearing makeup. The shade is quite universal and where I felt it looked quite warm toned in the swatch, on my cheeks, in combination with a bronzer, highlighter and a full face of makeup I feel it still works quite well.

My final thoughts

The Flower Beauty Flower Pot blushes are as great as everyone says they are. The formula is stunning and super blendable and easy to wear. This blush lasts all day on me, but I typically do not have that many issues with blushes disappearing on me. The shade is what threw me off a bit. In the end I think Spiced Petal is the best one available to me, but it is not my favorite. I simply own other nude blushes that give me that barely there look that I feel are more affordable, yet as good and in shades are just a touch more flattering. But I have to say that I am super picky here! However, since I own many other blushes I have that luxury.

Would I recommend the Flower Beauty blush in Spiced Petal?

If you are someone who doesn’t own too many nude toned blushes yet, then I think this Flower Beauty blush is an excellent choice to go for. This blush comes in a formula that is unique to the drugstore and that just offers you some excellent quality. The shades are bit restricting, at least as far as what I can get my hands on, so that is why this isn’t perfect for me. However, if you are in the market for a nude blush that will just get the job done: this is a great choice!

What is a product you love, but just isn’t 100% perfect for you?
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