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Yes! Lisa Eldridge is about to restock her website and launch a bunch of new products and that means it’s time to finally post my full, in-depth review of my second order of her True Velvet lipsticks. I already reviewed my first order here and I did a lipswatch video earlier this year where I apply all the lipsticks I own. However, I had not yet done a full review of my second order which featured some of the new shades launched last fall and, just because I loved the first two I got, I also bought a few of the shades I didn’t own yet from the first launch. So there are 7 lipsticks here in total, so let’s get stuck in.

Review: Lisa Eldridge True Velvet lipstick in Velvet Blush, Velvet Dragon, Velvet Carnival, Velvet Jazz, Velvet Midnight, Velvet Myth, Velvet Decade

So why am I posting this review now? Because tomorrow she will be launching her restock and I thought it would be smart to time this review when the products become available again. Some of these you could still get until recently, but shipping to the EU got disrupted because of Brexit and now that there are new products and a restock, all those issues should have been resolved. That means that as of tomorrow 4 PM GMT, or 5 PM CET, you can place your orders for these lipsticks as well as the glosses, her new, extended range of cream lipsticks and she is launching a new liquid blush and highlighter. Her newsletter indicated that today, Friday 28 May, 3 videos will be going up on her channel to announce the new shades and products, so you know what I will be doing tonight! Watching those videos and making my wishlist, because if there is one brand I love, it’s Lisa Eldridge and then setting my alarm so I don’t miss the restock on the official Lisa Eldridge website.

Why do I love these lipsticks so much?

Let’s not beat about the bush: I love these lipsticks and I cannot rave about them enough. When I decluttered my lipstick collection this spring, I mainly kept these and culled everything else, as this is all I want to wear. The shades are simply stunning, with universally flattering undertones and gorgeous gold packaging. The last time I placed an order I managed to buy two of the velvet pouches and I have been loving those for taking makeup on the go. At £26 a piece these aren’t horribly expensive either for how great and luxurious these lipsticks look and feel. The packaging is weighty, the velvet style bullet has been copied into oblivion and the texture of these True Velvets is simply amazing. If you hate matte lipsticks as you think they are uncomfortable and drying, then try these, because these are a matte unlike any other.

Which lipsticks are featured in this review?

This review features 7 shades from the True Velvet line. I already owned Velvet Muse, Velvet Ribbon and the Insanely Saturated lipsticks in Rainbow Spill and Skyscraper Rose. Of these four, only the latter two seem to no longer be available. The 7 shades features here are Velvet Blush, Velvet Carnival, Velvet Dragon, Velvet Jazz, Velvet Midnight, Velvet Myth and Velvet Decade. In short, I focused mainly on buying the darker, vampier shades and some of the new, brighter shades that were launched last fall. Since I bought these in fall, I decided to buy the darker shades first as I tend to go for deeper shades in the fall/ winter time. In the spring/ summer time I wear softer shades and now that I have found myself falling in love with glossy lips I am super excited to try at least a gloss and a cream formula lipstick.

What do these lipsticks swatch like?

Top row: Velvet Dragon, Velvet Carnival, Velvet Blush
Bottom Row: Velvet Myth, Velvet Decade, Velvet Midnight, Velvet Jazz

What is so great about these lipsticks? It’s not just the stunning packaging and the way these look and feel. It’s the formula. These are all longlasting, yet super comfortable lipsticks that have a velvet matte finish that doesn’t dry out your lips. I can wear these all day to work and do not have to touch up. They wear down beautifully, even the deep vampy shades that may look like they are super intimidating. The colors can easily be manipulated depending on how full on you apply them to go from a wash of color to a full on lipstick look. I don’t love lip liner and I can get a very precise application with these and they just look stunning on. Another thing I love about these is the undertones: these lipsticks just do something for me that I haven’t found in other lipstick ranges. This is why I am aiming to expand my collection of the True Velvets and I hope to purchase the four shades I do not own yet. Now let’s look at each shade in more detail.

Lisa Eldridge True Velvet lipstick in Velvet Blush

On the website Velvet Blush is described as a deep pink berry shade. I would indeed categorize this as a pink, but this is actually a great neutral tone on me. This is the kind of shade that looks great on me with many different looks and still not look like too much. It’s the deeper version of Velvet Muse for me, which is more of a nude than this is. That is a bit more warm toned, this is a touch more cool toned. However, since this is deeper and it has more of a plum undertone on me, I feel it is still very wearable and I would wear this with everyday looks. On me, the warmth of this shade does shine through a bit more than I would prefer and in some lighting this looks like a reddish toned nude.

Lisa Eldridge True Velvet lipstick in Velvet Carnival

The next shade I got is Velvet Carnival which is described as an electric pink and I think this is the Lisa Eldridge version of MAC’s Candy Yum Yum. That lipstick I bought off her recommendation and I love how the line now includes some popping brights. I love a bright pink lipstick and of these 7 shades, this is one I have reached for a lot this spring. The shade looks very scary in the tube. However, where Candy Yum Yum has a very strong white base to make it more neon, this does not happen here. It has less white and blue, making this a very wearable bright pink (as far as a bright pink could be wearable). On the lips I feel this pulls less vibrant than I would expect from the tube and it’s just been a go to shade whenever I want that fun pop of something more interesting on my lips.

Lisa Eldridge True Velvet lipstick in Velvet Dragon

The most special shade from the fall 2020 launch? Velvet Dragon. Hands down. This is not my most worn shade. In fact I have worn this the least as this is an orange toned red that is closer to an orange than a red and I know when this will be flattering on me and that won’t be until the end of summer when I have a bit of a tan (I don’t tan, but you catch my drift). This is described as a burnt, rusty red with a yellow undertone which means that this is a super warm toned shade. While it pops on me like nothing else, I mean all I need to do to make my makeup pop is to put on any red lipstick and this happens, I do feel the yellow undertone adds a contrast that I am not always looking for. Then again, red lipsticks and me, we just go together and this one is no different.

Lisa Eldridge True Velvet lipstick in Velvet Jazz

Velvet Jazz was a shades that I decided not to get when I first bought from the brand. It looked gorgeous but I figured I would get more wear out of Velvet Ribbon (I was right) so I bought it later. This is described as a brick red and it is inspired by a 1930s vintage shade. That would be quite correct: vintage reds were far richer in color than what you can find now or what we think of nowadays when we think reds. I love this shade! It has a blue undertone on me and it looks so so great on me. Darker reds that aren’t too plum are very difficult to find and on me and those just pull too berry once applied. This stays looking red and this is just such a classic red that I can’t get enough of in the fall/winter season. Nothing says festive season to me like a deeper red lipstick with a gold eye.

Lisa Eldridge True Velvet lipstick in Velvet Midnight

Let’s look at the deepest shade the line has to offer: Velvet Midnight. The shade description on this is a blackberry and this is that shade that just looks sooooo intimidating in the bullet. This really reminds me of MAC’s Sin, but Sin is far more purple than this is. This has quite a bit of red in it and on me it is that perfect super vampy lip. Yes this may look like too much but this can be very pretty when you wear it as a stain: you don’t have to go full on. On me, darker shades like this sometimes aren’t the best and while this looks good, it does pull into a darker ring on the outer edge of my mouth as so many of these shades do. I’m not sure why it happens, but for me, these very deep shades are a bit more difficult to apply. I therefore like to work in thin layers and this lipstick makes it super easy to do that.

Lisa Eldridge True Velvet lipstick in Velvet Decade

Moving on to the lipstick that I bought as a complete wildcard: Velvet Decade. Velvet Decade was the shade that made me super nervous. Why? Because it is a brown. And me and brown lipsticks, we don’t really go together. Yet, this works on me. The shade is described as a burnt chocolate brown with blue and red undertones. On me, the lipstick really shows up quite red. Yes, it’s still a brown, but something about my coloring and undertone makes the red stand out more than anything else making it super flattering. This was the shade I put off using as it made me so nervous and it ended up being my favorite shade and it is definitely a unique shade in my makeup collection. I have nothing like this.

Lisa Eldridge True Velvet lipstick in Velvet Myth

Finally, the last shade I purchased is Velvet Myth. Described as a vivid mulberry, I love how this is a nice berry shade on me. Where many berry shades pull very purple on me, as I have quite a lot of purple in my natural lip color, I feel this shade is saturated enough to really look like a lush berry shade on me. It is not as dark once applied to the lips than I had expected from looking at this in the bullet. And I actually think this shade pairs beautifully with the previous two. Paired with Velvet Midnight or Velvet Decade it can work as a nice ombre lip to either add a bit more warmth or to add a pop of color. Or you can add a touch of either of those with a lip pencil on just the outer edge of your lips for that very vintage look where you make your mouth look a bit smaller.

My final thoughts

I certainly do not regret purchasing a second batch of Lisa Eldridge True Velvet lipsticks. These are my favorite lipsticks I own and I reach for them all the time. I know it’s a bold statement, but I can go as far as saying that I could potentially declutter every one of my lipsticks and just keep these and I would have all the shades I need for the rest of my life time. In short, I would definitely recommend looking into these and if there are shades that make you feel nervous, then just check out Lisa Eldridge’s channel as she has plenty of videos up with these lipsticks on how to make them more wearable.

Would I recommend the Lisa Eldridge True Velvet lipsticks?

Yes, yes, YES! This blog post has been one giant rave about these 7 shades. The only shade I struggled with was Velvet Midnight, but that’s because I always struggle with those shades. However, it is still very wearable and for that super vampy vibe it is simply the perfect shade. The other 6 shades gave me no issues and I am so happy to own these. Let’s complete the collection so I can start looking for dupes in the rest of my makeup collection and create that video before the end of the year.

What is your absolute favorite lipstick on the planet?
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