Catrice Demi Matt lipstick review Pink Addiction

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Do remember when Catrice launched their Demi Matt line? I do! I reviewed the first three shades here and when I ended up loving those I decided to review the full line here. By now the brand has discontinued some of the shades and have released a few new shades. They already redid a red which ended up being one of my favorite lipsticks of 2020. For spring/ summer 2021, they decided to release a new bright pink called Pink Addiction. This is my review!

Review: Catrice Demi Matt lipstick 120 Pink Addiction

Catrice lipsticks are of course really affordable. Their Demi Matt lipsticks are only €3.99 a pop and it’s great to see them do some other shades that the original line up didn’t include. If there was one thing I didn’t like about the original 10 shades was the fact that it lacked some good vibrant shades. So when I spotted they were coming out with a bright pink, I knew I had to try it. Because I love a bright pink in the summer time.

What does this lipstick have to offer?

As with the other lipsticks in the Demi Matt line: the name is exactly what you get. This isn’t a flat matte, uncomfortable lipstick. The colors are saturated and matte, but they aren’t drying on the lips. The wear time is amazing and they stay put quite well and I can wear them for a full workday depending on what I eat. If I eat something oily for lunch then an in-between touch up is needed, but when I have something that isn’t too messy then I can make it work for a full 8+ hours. After that point it definitely needs a touch up.

What is the lipstick like?

Now that we know what this lipstick is all about, it’s time to put it to the test. One thing that Catrice gets right is the packaging. The tube is simple black plastic in a rectangular shape, but from the outer packaging to the lipstick itself: Catrice knows how to make a cheap product look much more expensive. Just look at that bullet! Isn’t that a stunning looking lipstick? How is this only 4 euros?! The lipstick has that fuzzy look when it is fresh just like the Lisa Eldride lipsticks. It has a very sharply cut point which makes it super precise and the brand stamped into the lipstick just adds that little bit of extra that makes this lipstick look like it could be 5 times more expensive.

What does this lipstick swatch like?

My one gripe with this lipstick? Online this looked almost neon when I bought it. But once I got it home I felt it wasn’t as bright as it looked to be. Don’t get me wrong, this is still a bright lipstick but it is not the brightest lipstick I own. It definitely has a bit of depth to it and it looks to be a bit more warm toned as it is a pink without a very strong blue undertone. On my fair skin with cool to neutral undertones it is just perfect. However, if you have a warmer undertone this may look stunning too. I think this is a very universally flattering bright pink.

How does this lipstick apply?

Once applied to the lips, you can clearly see how the texture of the lipstick is matte but not flat. It has a hint of shine, but it also has great color pay off. The first time you use these, these lipstick can feel a bit thin in its texture. So I would suggest first swatching it on the back of your hand to get through the first layer and then apply it to your lips. This is only upon initial use: once you’ve used it, you get to the creamy layer of stunning pigment that has great color payoff.

My final thoughts

The Catrice Demi Matt lipstick in Pink Addiction is a stunning bright pink lipstick. The quality and formula are in line with their Demi Matt quality that I know and love. The shade wasn’t as bright as I had expected, but I think that actually makes for a very wearable bright pink that can suit many people, so I am not mad about it at all. This is just a lovely bright lipstick that I think makes for a great addition to the Catrice Demi Matt line and I can see myself wearing this a lot this summer.

Would I recommend the Catrice Demi Matt lipstick in Pink Addiction?

Yes! But I can imagine that this is too bright for some people, but I can vouch for this line being consistent throughout and no matter what shade you get, every single one of them will have a great formula that is similar across the board. However, if you are still looking for that bright pop of something fun to spice up your lipstick collection, then I think this lipstick is a good affordable option to try.

What is your favorite bright lipstick for summer?
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