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We are keeping the Colourpop train rolling this week with another monochromatic 9-pan review. This week we are zooming in on the Mint to Be eyeshadow palette. As far as pastels and monochromatic palettes go, this was one of the more exciting ones to me. Yes, it is super light and therefore not perfect, but I was able to make it work alright and I quite like how fresh the look is once it is applied to the eyes. Let’s have a closer look!

Review: Colourpop Mint to Be eyeshadow palette

At full price the Colourpop 9-pan palettes now retail for $14 each. Something tells me they have gone up in price. Didn’t these used to be $12? Anywho, Colourpop does do regular sales and as I am writing this they are offering free international shipping, so you can make it worth it in the end. If you are in the EU, your best option for buying Colourpop is their official website. Just be aware that you will be charged extra for shipping and handling fees by your local customs office. As of 1 July, the EU will change the law and any shipment originating from outside of the EU will be eligible for an additional 21% tax fee.

What does this palette have to offer?

The Colourpop Mint To Be eyeshadow palette is 9 shades of well…. minty greens. Duh! But these are good minty greens. Not all of the shades ended up being my favorite and when I reorganized my Colourpop palettes last month I definitely took out a good 4 shades and replaced it with some deeper shades from the Just My Luck. Because really: how many light shades can you put in a single palette?! Unless you are fair like me, I suspect you will have a hard time getting this to show up as it is just not the best in terms of depth and therefore versatility.

What is the color story like?

One thing I love about this palette though? The fact that you get quite a few shimmers! There are 4 shimmers compared to 5 mattes and no annoying pressed glitters or sequin shades that Colourpop sometimes insists on putting in their palettes. The mattes however, aren’t super varied. The two green shades at the left are nearly identical once applied to the eye and also in the shimmer department we don’t get a lot of variety as to the effect that each shade gives on the lid. I do love the greyish toned greens in here: those are my favorites in this palette.

How does the palette swatch?

Now that you see the shades swatched out, you can tell why I wanted to amp this up a bit with some deeper shades. Yes, this palette is pretty but essentially you only get one look out of it. The shimmers are the stars of the show though as those are all nice and vibrant and have great pigmentation. The mattes may seem a bit lackluster, but that’s because they are so light. They build up nicely and blend easily enough and I was able to pull a good enough look out of the palette.

How do these shadows apply?

The final result of the eye look isn’t one that wowed me. This is pretty but the lack of depth really means you only get a wash of green on your lids and that’s not always what I look for. The undertones between the different shades also don’t go together very well (this is a critique I have with many of the Colourpop 9-pans). Since the shades are all light, but it’s only different undertones, you essentially don’t get the shade selection you would need to create look after different look with this. In fact, I feel every time I used this, I ended up with a variation of this one.

My final thoughts

Colourpop Mint To Be was in my top 5 of favorite Colourpop monochromatic palettes for a reason. The quality is great but the shade selection is severely lacking. Now that I have pulled in some of the deeper shades from Just My Luck to round out the palette I feel much more inspired by it and I feel it has the versatility I need to create many more different looks. I kept most of the shimmers as those are what make the palette for me, but as a stand alone palette I don’t feel this is as perfect as it could have been.

Would I recommend the Colourpop Mint to Be palette?

I think there is a market for this palette, but it is quite niche. If you are super fair and you want a palette that gives you a pop of color without it being too much, I think this can be nice. If you have a deeper skin tone though, this palette just isn’t for you. Also if you are like me and you like to be able to create several different looks with a palette, then this isn’t for you. This is great if you want a pastel minty green shade to give that aspect to your collection, but this is not the must have that the hype made it out to be.

What Colourpop Monochromatic palette would you like me to review next?
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