Holika Holika Jelly Dough blusher Rose Jelly review

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If you saw my recent Full Face of… then you know that I have been trying some new K-Beauty blushes courtesy of Yesstyle. I have been trying out the cream and liquid blushes I got in my latest purchase to try some more K-beauty bits and the one I unexpectedly fell in love with most is the Holika Holika Jelly Dough Blusher in Rose Jelly. Why unexpected? Because this was a formula I wasn’t sure what to expect and aren’t those the most fun products to try?! So that’s why today we are reviewing this stunning blush that gives just the most beautiful natural look.

Review: Holika Holika Jelly Dough Blusher in Rose Jelly

Great news! Not only is this a great product, it is also quite affordable. This currently retails for €7.95 from Yesstyle, which is really a good price point for a good blush. It comes in 6 different shades, but two are sadly not available and don’t seem to be coming back. If like me, the only place you can really buy K-beauty makeup products from Yesstyle than this can be a bit of a handicap as they do not stock all the shades at all times. However, I am happy I can buy it from there and the process is quite easy so I really don’t mind it that much.

What does this blush have to offer?

The Holika Holika Jelly Dough blusher is a different one for me. When I bought it, I thought it was going to be some kind of cushion type blush. When I got it in, the texture was very different from what I had expected. Instead of a cushion, this is a putty like formula. It is very strange! Not sure why it comes with a puff as it really doesn’t go with this kind of product as you would just push it around. I do appreciate that this blush comes with a lid as I think this is the kind of product that can dry out quite quickly if it is not protected. So strange formula, but this is exactly why I ended up liking it so much!

What is the color like?

Rose Jelly is a really nice neutral pink shade. It has a hint of mauve to it, but without it being too cool toned. I bought this to be my more neutral/ everyday pick while the other blushes I got were all a bit more vibrant and perhaps a bit more difficult to pull off. So shade wise I was super happy with this, because it was exactly what I had hoped it would be. It looks quite deep in the pan, but I love how this sheers out once it on the cheeks. It is just the most wearable, easy to put on, day-to-day blush shade. Oh! And it goes with literally every look you could possibly create.

What does this blush swatch like?

As you can see this blush is perfect for my skin tone. It’s not too dark, not too light, has enough pink, but without it being too barbie like. It is in short, exactly the kind of blush shade that I gravitate towards. The texture of this blush is a matte. It has a putty texture as already explained and I therefore feel it works best with fingers. When using fingers it is super easy to apply and give a very natural finish, since this is matte though it is not going to give any glow, but that is really down to personal preference.

How does this blush apply?

This blush is best applied using fingers. What I like to do is to just put a little bit of the product on one of my fingers. I then transfer some of it to my other finger on the opposite hand to warm up the product. I then lightly tap the product around my cheeks and the result is a very fresh, natural look. By using fingers I feel I can get the most natural look, but also ensure I can control the amount of product I use very easily. With cream blush I feel it is more difficult to get rid of access product, as you can’t simply wipe it away. Instead, I like to keep my foundation sponge handy just in case I go overboard and tap some foundation over the blush if it does end up looking like too much.

My final thoughts

The reason why I wanted to review the Holika Holika Jelly Dough blusher in Rose Jelly first from all the products I got from Yesstyle was the reason that it worked so well for me. Out of the four blushes in my current shop my stash (which are all K-beauty products by the way!), I have been using this the most. Why? It is easiest to use, the shade goes with everything and I feel that this also lasts all day. Cream blush didn’t used to be my favorite product as I found it a faff to use and it disappeared after just a few hours. Not with this one: I have no issue with this fading on me at all and definitely get a full day of wear out of this product without needing to touch up.

Would I recommend the Holika Holika Jelly Dough blusher?

Yes! This is a great product that really took me by surprise. The texture takes some getting used to if this is your first putty product (it was for me anyway), but if you just go slowly and build it up you can easily control how much you apply. I now secretly wish I had picked up one or two more shades of this product. Then again, I bought 5 blushes in my Yesstyle order already, so it’s not as if I need any more. That said though, I love this so much that if this remains available and it is time to purchase some more products from Yesstyle I would most certainly look into whether this is still available.

Have you ever tried any putty formula products?
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