Apieu Juicy Pang liquid blush review

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We are rounding out my ‘cream & liquid k-beauty blush’ trial with two blushes from the Apieu Juicy Pang line. This is the range of liquid blushes that the brand does and these I have heard lots of great things about. So I was very excited to try these. I had never tried liquid blush before and so I was a tad nervous to see how it would play out. If you’re unfamiliar with a formula than you know the struggle of making it work and figuring it out. Luckily for me, this product ended up being a breeze to use and it is quite possibly my favorite of the different blushes I tried this year.

Review: Apieu Juicy-Pang Water Blusher PK01 Strawberry & PK02 Raspberry

So I bought these blushes with a coupon I got from Yesstyle. On there the blushes retail for €6.95 a pop which really isn’t that much money. For that price point you also get a bunch of product as each bottle comes with 9 mls of product. Since these products are the type where a little goes a long way it will take years to use them up. Good to know: these have a slightly fruity scent which isn’t strong or annoying, but it may be good to know about if you want zero fragrance in your makeup.

Apieu Juicy Pang liquid blush Strawberry

So this blush comes in a whole host of shades and I struggled figuring out which ones to get. I ended up picking out two that I thought could work well on me. A pinky shade called Strawberry which you can see here and a mauve plum shade called Raspberry which you can see in the picture below. The reason why I picked these was the fact that they looked different from many other shades I have. I mean I can buy another mauvy/ rose blush but I already own 10 and I really don’t need it in a liquid. So I wanted to go with shades that would be a bit more unique to what I already own.

Apieu Juicy Pang liquid blush Raspberry

Raspberry is definitely a much deeper shade than Strawberry. Where I would typify Strawberry as a pinky peach shade that is quite soft and natural, Raspberry is like the bolder, older sister. It is much deeper than I had expected. It has pink but also quite a bit of a plum undertone making it a stunning deep, cool toned dusty mauve shade. Both of these are quite glowy on the cheeks and these make your cheeks look very flushed but really looks like it is part of your skin. These dry down! And ones they do, they won’t budge until you remove them. If you are someone who struggles with cream products as they move around too much this may be a good one.

How is this product best used?

When I got these in, I didn’t know what to expect. It turns out that in a way these are little nail polishes but then the color goes on your cheeks rather than your nails! These are liquid, quite watery blushes that have a bunch of pigment. You shade it up, and then the product is on this nail polish style brush. I like to just dab a bit of this on the back of my hand to ensure I can control better where the color ends up on my cheeks. This is the kind of product where you only need a little bit of product to get the effect you want. Especially with Raspberry which is quite deep against my fair skin I like to go in little by little to make sure I can still blend it nicely.

How do these blushes swatch?

Here you can clearly see the texture as well as the difference between the two shades. On the left is Strawberry which once out of the tube looked more peachy than I had expected, but it sheers out nicely and looks natural and glowy. Raspberry is the shade on the right and you can see that is much darker. It is still glowy but because the shade is more outspoken I feel the glow is a bit lost. You can also see that that little blob goes very far as I struggled to blend it out well on the back of my hand. And once these are stuck, they will not budge so you only have a little bit of play time with these.

What do these look like on the cheeks?

Same as in the swatches you can see Strawberry to the left and Raspeberry to the left as well as what my cheeks look like before and after blush. You can see clearly that if you are patient and take some time to control the product you can make this look very pretty. I just dab a little bit on the back of my hand then put some on my finger, push that onto a finger from my other and that is what I apply first to my apples and then further up the cheek towards my hairline. It works marvelously and it takes mere seconds to do. I love how I can just tap it in and as long as I keep tapping I am able to diffuse these just fine.

My final thoughts

The Apieu Juicy Pang liquid blushes totally live up to the hype for me. These are stunning little blushes that just do what I am currently really into which is a natural glowy look that is easy to apply. Strawberry is my favorite shade for right now as I feel it works well in the spring/ summer time and I feel it just goes with so many different looks. Raspberry is pretty too but it is one I would probably go more with if I wear a fairly neutral eye and more so in the fall/ winter time. In short, these liquid blushes have really stolen my heart a little bit and I really have fallen in love with how these perform.

Would I recommend the Apieu Juicy Pang liquid blush?

Yes! Most definitely! I would recommend these. In fact, I am tempted to buy a few more shades as I really think this is super great quality blush and I am currently really into liquid and cream blushes and I want to try them all. I am particularly interested in the shades Cherry and Mulberry but the Mulberry shade is currently out of stock. So I will be holding off until that comes back to the Yesstyle website but in the mean time I know I will have lots of fun with the two shades I already own.

What liquid blush have you tried?
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