Colourpop Main Squeeze eyeshadow palette review

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An eyeshadow palette review on Monday?! Yes! Because I felt like it. That’s all I can say about that, and I have so many Colourpop palette lying about to review, that I figured I would just get these out a bit quicker than usual. So today’s review is all about the Main Squeeze palette. This watermelon inspired reddish pink toned palette was one that had me nervous when I first got it. Because red eyeshadow? That doesn’t sound like it’s going to work. Funnily enough, for me this ended being one of my favorites!

Review: Colourpop Main Squeeze eyeshadow palette

The Main Squeeze is another Colourpop 9-pan monochromatic palette. These retail for $14 at full price but I would suggest waiting for a sale. They are currently still doing 30% off the entire website and it’s times like these that I like to shop from Colourpop, else I find them a bit too expensive where I live. If you are in the EU like me, you will be charged with extra customs on top of any shipping you might have to pay. So my tactic has been to wait for a sale, get everything on my wishlist in one go to qualify for free shipping and then it all levels out in the end. Yes it means you spend more money in one go, but you’re better off this way then when you buy each release as it comes out.

What does the Main Squeeze have to offer?

Like I mentioned, this palette was one of the more successful ones I tried from Colourpop’s 9-pan monochromatic line. And I hadn’t expected that. This color story is not one I look at and go like: yes I want to put that on my face 24/7, but out of the ones I tried this ticked many boxes for me. Why? It has some of the best quality of any Colourpop palette I have ever tried, it has a unique color story that I don’t have much and it was surprisingly flattering on me (for the look, just scroll down). That said though, I felt this palette wasn’t perfect and I have since replaced some of these shades to make it work even better for me.

What is the color story like?

Colour story wise the palette features 4 shimmers and 5 mattes. Now we all know I would like more shimmers so when I reorganized this palette I put in an extra shimmer and took out one of the mattes. However, where some of these Colourpop 9-pans suffer from shades that don’t go together as they have completely different undertones, this palette doesn’t have that issue. Everything in this palette goes together and the result is quite a vibrant red toned look with a hint of something warm and peachy. It is therefore very warm toned and where that is not necessarily my jam, with reds I feel I can get away with it.

How does the palette swatch?

This palette is one that also swatches really well. The shades blended very easily and this is the kind of monochromatic palette I do like. You get enough variety and dimension, while still sticking to the reddish tone color scheme. In terms of longevity I also had no issues with this palette. There are not shimmers that are weirdly flaky or thin like a topper and this is a Colourpop 9-pan that didn’t feature any pressed glitters either. Hallelujah! See, they can do a good palette if they set their minds to it.

How does this palette apply?

It’s time for the look I did featuring all 9 shades in the palette. I just love how this looks. It’s red but it also has a hint of something pink and peach making it very wearable. Especially because I have dark brows, dark lashes and brown eyes, this makes my eyes stand out amazingly. I even have a hint of green in my eye and I felt that with this color scheme, that actually was visible for once in certain lighting. Will this palette work for everyone though? I don’t think so, but where I was afraid this would make me look weird and perhaps a bit sickly, I felt this never did.

My final thoughts

We know I always harp on about warm toned palettes not being right for me. But the Colourpop Main Squeeze is a warm toned palette I felt worked really well on me. Yes it is a statement look to be wearing something like this, but I have to say that I really liked the look came out. There is enough shade variety and you get enough depth to make it work. I did swap out some shades in the end to make it even more perfect but of the original Colourpop 9-pans I bought, the Main Squeeze was my favorite one for sure.

Would I recommend the Colourpop Main Squeeze palette?

The Colourpop Main Squeeze was a surprise hit for me that I didn’t see coming. I can see this working really well if you have a skin tone that suits warm tones well but even on my fair skin with a cool to neutral undertone do I feel it works. That said, I do have darker eyes and that’s why I think this works on me. Perhaps if you are fair and your eyes are lighter this may not work, but still if you have green eyes I think this will be a stunner of a palette as well as the red will really clash nicely with your eye color.

What was a palette you liked that you didn’t see coming?
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