Catrice Clean ID concealer review

catrice clean id concealer review swatch makeup look application 004 light almond

I still hadn’t reviewed this concealer yet and that while it has been in my shop my stash for a while. I did focus on using up my Essence concealer first, so I didn’t really get around to using this all that much. However, now that I decided to dedicate July to trying some of the Catrice Clean ID products, I knew I couldn’t skip on this one. So I have now tried it for a solid two weeks and I can share my full thoughts. So let’s go!

Review: Catrice Clean ID High Cover concealer 004 Light Almond

So this concealer aligns with the foundation of the same name. Like the foundation, this concealer comes in just three shades. Like how does Catrice think this is okay? Of the three shades I have the lightest one, which is Light Almond, but I think the next shade up may have been better for me. More about that below. It is just as expensive as other Catrice concealers I’ve tried: €3.99. I mean for that price point you really can’t complain too much.

What does this concealer have to offer?

So this concealer promises to be waterproof and high coverage. The instructions tell you to only use a little bit and to let it settle well as it can be quite sticky and I would agree with that. This is an intense concealer and that’s probably why I put off using this for some time. I prefer a thinner texture as it just looks a bit better on my skin. Especially because I was still using some higher coverage base products as I first rolled this into my shop my stash, I just couldn’t get it to work. This works best for me combined with a very light weight and glowy product as with anything drying and matte, this just emphasizes all the texture in my face.

What is the product like?

For me, this product is almost too much of a good thing. I think if you have younger skin with fewer lines this might work for you, but for my late 30s skin (that is still great mind you!) I feel it just emphasizes the texture too much. It doesn’t pull in any fine lines though so I would agree with the claims with this being longwearing. It doesn’t have any weird scents but it is a bit thick so I feel it does take a bit of time to blend this in. I just use a makeup sponge as I feel that gives the most natural finish.

How does this concealer swatch?

In a swatch you can see what I mean about the shade and the texture. This is quite a drying formula. It worked well enough in the end because it’s summer and I can use something a bit more longlasting, but in the midst of winter this would be an absolute nightmare. I went with 004 Light Almond but it also a bit too peachy for me and therefore the undertone just isn’t the best. Neutral Sand, the next shade up sounds like it would match me better, but that is also darker. So Catrice definitely needs to extend the shade range on this.

How does this concealer apply?

But really this concealer is one that gets the job done. It’s not my favorite as there are just a few things that this concealer has going against it, but in the end it really isn’t an offensive product. It just isn’t perfect and I have tried concealer at this price point (or even lower) that I feel work much better on me. That’s why I know I would never reach for this again now that I have reviewed it. It works well enough, blends easily enough if you take your time blending it in and if you make sure you moisturize well it can work even on my dry skin.

My final thoughts

I really wanted to like the Catrice Clean ID concealer but it just isn’t perfect. I think you can see in this picture why. My nose looks textured and so does my undereye. I can get away with it, provided I moisturize but I have plenty of concealers that take up far less brain space. That’s why this just isn’t my favorite. The shade range is terrible, the texture is a bit too full on for my liking and I do need to put in some effort to make it work.

Would I recommend the Catrice Clean ID concealer?

This can be a nice concealer if it goes with your skin type. If you have younger skin or perhaps oilier skin this may work much better on you. But then we still have the issue of the shade range. So to be quite fair, I am not sure who this would be right for, because finding your shade will be very very difficult, even if you do have the right skin that can handle this kind of full coverage concealer.

What was a product that just didn’t work for you?
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