Dose of Colors Pretty Cool eyeshadow palette review

dose of colors pretty cool eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup look application fair skin

I thought we could also include some small, neutral palettes as part of all the reviews I am doing this month. I love me a cute, curated color story and if it’s cool tones to boot, you’ll know I love it. This is an all matte eyeshadow palette (not my favorite though) but since it’s Dose of Colors and I loved their Marvelous Mauves and Blushing Berries palettes. So I knew I’d like this one. Let’s have a closer look at the Dose of Colors Pretty Cool eyeshadow palette.

Review: Dose of Colors Pretty Cool eyeshadow palette

Now let’s talk availability. I bought my palette off Beauty Bay, but since then the brand has disappeared from there. The brand is now stocked at if you are in The Netherlands. These small palettes are quite expensive though: nearly €40 for just 5 shades. In the US they are a bit less expensive at $32 a pop, so I would definitely recommend waiting for some sort of sale. Because that will make it more worth it. If you are looking for great, blendable mattes though that are easy to use, then definitely check this one out.

What does this palette have to offer?

The Pretty Cool is as the name suggests, a pretty cool palette. What this is, is essentially 5 different shades of taupe. All the shades are matte, so you might not expect me to like this much, but this palette is such a great allrounder and really all you need is a few fun shimmers, multichromes or liquid glitter shadows to amp this up and take it to the next level. So yes, it’s a bit boring and basic, but I feel that this is a great beginners palette and one you can really get a lot of use out of if you wear the same look every single day.

What is the color story like?

So yes, this is a 5-pan all matte color story with different taupes. There is a more beige leaning taupe, a more warm toned leaning taupe, there’s a cool toned leaning taupe and a green toned leaning taupe. The palette is rounded out by a cool toned darker brown that is nice for adding definition. The other 4 shades are all quite mid-toned so this is really the kind of palette that will not be super versatile but it’s got some great basics that can really make for a good neutral eye look. It’s got enough interest as you will see in the swatches and look below that it can work on a range of different skin tones.

How does this palette swatch?

So for how expensive this palette is, it must be good and these swatches do not lie. These are mattes that are smooth, buttery, easy to blend, buildable and just incredibly easy to work with. This is that foolproof type of shadow that I always rave about I love using. These shadows are just the kind to use early in the morning when you are pressed for time as you are getting ready in the morning and you just need your makeup to look right no matter what. That’s what this palette will give you.

What does this palette look like applied?

This being a small palette, I just have one look to show you. This look was done using all 5 shades and as you can see the result is a pretty neutral look that is just super wearable. It has quite a bit of warmth to it as you do get 2 shades (the two on the left side of the palette) that have more warmth to them. So I feel this is a cool toned palette that can work even if you have a warm undertone. The other three shades are either neutral or more cool toned. So for a cool toned palette this isn’t super cool toned, but I do really like the undertones as it’s not overly warm either.

My final thoughts

The Dose of Colors Pretty Cool eyeshadow palette is a foolproof eyeshadow palette that just gets the job done. This isn’t the most revolutionary eyeshadow palette ever but it is a great one that is a good standard in any makeup collection. But I feel this palette is made especially for those people who are busy, don’t wear much makeup on the daily and like to keep things neutral. This is just a good basic that if you are looking for a cool toned palette that can do quite a bit but still is super wearable.

Would I recommend the Dose of Colors Pretty Cool eyeshadow palette?

I would if you are looking for this sort of thing. Is this a palette everyone should own? I don’t think so, as it is quite basic and you may already own some of these shades I don’t think it is a musthave. However, if you like a good taupe (and you know that is my happy place) than this palette will give you every taupe matte shade you would ever need.

What do you think of the Dose of Colors Pretty Cool palette?
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