Juvia’s Place The Tribe eyeshadow palette review

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Am I late to game with writing this review? Totally, because Juvia’s Place is on the verge of discontinuing The Tribe palette. But since this is one of my favorite Juvia’s Place eyeshadow palettes I thought it was high time to review it. I already featured it in a 3 looks, 1 palette video years ago, so if you want to see more looks then please watch that. For now however, we will have a closer look at this palette so I can hopefully explain to you why it is so good and that if you can still buy this, it is worth the investment.

Review: Juvia’s Place The Tribe eyeshadow palette

At the moment this palette is still listed on Juvia’s Place website and it says you can sign up for a waiting list. So that probably means this is out of stock and the brand has informed people through their socials that they will be restocking this one more time and then it will be gone for good. If you missed out on this palette and are looking for alternative, then check out OPV Beauty Tropical Dreams as it is the same color story but with more blues thrown in the mix. As the palette is currently out of stock, no price is listed, but the Juvia’s Place 9-pans retail for a price point from $15 to $20 off the official Juvia’s Place website.

What does this palette have to offer?

The Tribe palette is the best 9-pan released by Juvia’s if you ask me. There are some oranges that threw me off initially and now that I have tried every shade, I mainly choose to ignore those. The rest of the palette? Beautifuly grungy neutrals, combined with greens and teals to create one of my favorite color stories on the planet. This palette has only 9 pans but you can do so much with it. From a full on neutral look, but you can also go in with just greens or create a look with a combination of the two.

What is the color story like?

The Tribe palette may seem a little intimidating at first glance. You get three greens/ teals towards the right of the palette but also some of the other shades are a bit more green toned. In fact, all the shades on the left of the palette have a hint of green to them which is why it all works together so well. The brown? Yes has a green undertone? That champagne shimmer? It’s a duochrome with a lime green flip and the very light matte is in fact a lime green. The shades in the middle are also a bit different. You get two oranges so you can easily create some warm toned neutral looks with this palette. That bronze shimmer in the middle though? Yes, it has a green duochrome flip to it as well meaning it can go with both the oranges and the greens. In short, for this only being 9 pans it is surprisingly versatile.

What does the palette swatch like?

Juvia’s Place is known for great eyeshadow palette quality, but The Tribe is even one of their best ones. The shimmers are stunning and possibly what Juvia’s Place does best. But the mattes in this palette? Those are stunning too. All the shades blend well, go on smoothly and last all day. The pigmentation is on point, but even on my fair skin I feel these aren’t too stark or difficult to work with. It can still be build up, especially in the mattes, and the shimmers are best used with a bit of finger action to ensure full opacity.

2 Looks, 1 Palette

In order to use all shades in the palette, I created two looks for the review. One features the neutrals and oranges, the other is of course all green. However, when I did the 3 looks I already linked at the start of the blog post, I also created some more looks, so please check that out if you wish more inspiration.

Neutral look

To prove that this palette isn’t only a bunch of difficult to wear greens, I decided to do a neutral look. Since all the neutrals are warm, of course we will get a warm toned look which isn’t my favorite. My favorite look to do with this palette lies somewhere between the two I am showing you here: with that mustardy brown in the crease, the teals in the outer v and lower lash line and the team shimmer all over the lid. This still looks pretty though and I think this look nicely shows off the green flip in that lightest shimmer.

Green look

But naturally we have to include a full on green look too. The greens are a touch more difficult to work with if you do not blend in any of the neutrals, so that’s why I would recommend doing that. The greens are a bit sheerer and need more building and as you can see the matte green also skipped a bit in some places. That can easily be resolved though and that’s why this also isn’t my go to look. I do love the matte greens in this palette for blending things out or for adding a pop of something fun and bright to otherwise more neutral looks.

My final thoughts

I understand why Juvia’s Place is discontinuing The Tribe eyeshadow palette as it has been around for some time. That being said, it is their most unique yet still wearable color story to date and that’s why it is a sad day to see this go. There are alternatives on the market for sure, so check those out if this truly never comes back. But for now, I would join that waiting list and see when and if it comes back if you are looking for a great green toned palette with some interesting neutrals and duochromes.

Would I recommend the Juvia’s Place The Tribe eyeshadow palette?

Yes! I have been recommending this for years and it’s been in so many favorites lists. It is just a great one to have and while it isn’t just greens I do feel this is a green palette. But I like combining colors with neutrals myself which is why I would pick this palette for my daily makeup looks over other green palettes I own. To me, this is a lot easier to pull off for work than a full on green look. That’s for sure.

What is your favorite Juvia’s Place palette?
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