Pat McGrath Labs Ritualistic Rose eyeshadow palette review

pat mcgrath labs blitz astral quad ritualistic rose eyeshadow palette review swatch makeup look application

In today’s eyeshadow palette review I want to take a closer look at the Pat McGrath Labs Blitz Astral Quad in Ritualistic Rose. This palette was released the part of a set of three that were released at the end of 2019. They are still available and I already reviewed Nocturnal Nirvana from the same set. This was the one I originally was most interested in and so I looked forward to trying it. How did this go for me?

Review: Pat McGrath Labs Blitz Astral Quad Ritualistic Rose

As you may know Pat McGrath is not an affordable brand exactly. In fact, it is one of the most expensive makeup brands I have ever tried. That’s why I don’t buy from them often but the products I do own are some of my most treasured in my makeup collection. And a true treasure this palette is. From the price point (a whopping €68 for four shades), to the packaging, to the stunning quality of these shades: these shades are special. So let’s have a closer look.

What does the palette have to offer?

The Blitz Astral Quad in Ritualistic Rose features just four shades, but aren’t they pretty? These quads were the ones that features just four of Pat McGrath’s ‘special shades’. The special shades are always what gets people excited for PMG palettes and when I first wanted to try the brand I wanted to know what all the Hoopla was about and when I learnt to use the ones in the Nocturnal Nirvana I knew I wanted to try some more. Because that is something you should know about PMG shadows: they take a bit of getting used to and I wouldn’t recommend these if you are a beginner and you are first dabbling into makeup. These are special shades for a reason and they take a bit of manipulating and getting the placement just right to really get them to shine.

What is the color story like?

By now, many PMG releases have started to look the same to me. I think this quad was one of the OG’s though when it comes to the brand’s obsession with anything warm toned and rosy. There is a light gold called Antique Gold 002, then one of the more shifting shades called Astral Rose Orchid, followed by Rose Quartz 005 and Beyond Bronze 003. The bronze shade is possibly my least favorite and if you own a few PMG palette you will have plenty of gold shades already because it is featured in every single palette the brand does. The two shades that really stand out here are the rosy tones. They are the shades that bring more oomph to the palette.

What do these shades swatch like?

You may remember from my Nocturnal Nirvana review that I initially wasn’t that impressed with the formula of PMG palettes. And if you look at these swatches I think you can understand why and I was actually a bit surprised that so many influencers are using and recommending the brand when the shades aren’t super saturated or pigmented as most of them seem to love. Instead, you get a strange cream to powder hybrid formula that starts off quite sheer, even in a finger swatch. However, once you get these on a brush and you manipulate them just right they really come to live on the eyes.

How do these shades apply to the lid?

We need to of course have a look at how this comes together as a look and on me, I felt these shades pulled very differently from what they looked like in the pan and as a swatch and to me that was a good thing. The gold is not as yellow as I had expected and bronze shade (used in the crease) ended up being easy enough to blend and really set up the look with. The rose shade is all over the lid and in the inner corner and as a topper I have used that most iridescent shade. In short, a workable look that is great for many different occasions, but because of the formula it is best to go in with packing brushes to get the shade onto the lid and then blend it out with a fluffy brush or to use fingers.

My final thoughts

I think that Pat McGrath Ritualistic Rose is a fun palette that adds a bit of oomph and pizzazz to an otherwise boring look. Though you only get four shades and I used all of them here, I still see many more options for creating other looks with this palette making it surprisingly versatile for a four pan. The bronze and gold would make for a simple yet effective look and I think the rose shade would be stunning in the crease as well. In short, many more options and roads to be discovered and the colors will be flattering on many different skin tones and therefore work for many different people.

Would I recommend the Pat McGrath Ritualistic Rose eyeshadow palette?

That depends on how much you want to spend. I would definitely wait around for a sale and the official PMG website often does 25% sales so you really don’t have to pay full price and since this palette is older it is always part of promotions like that. That said, the main question to ask yourself before buying is: is it worth it? To me, I think it is overpriced for what you get but if you want that little bit of luxury and some good shades that really add something special every time you use it, I think you will enjoy this. Part of buying this brand for me is the experience of opening the packaging and just staring at those gorgeous shades. Plus if you are shopping internationally then it is good to know that the official PMG website does not charge extra for shipping and handling fees and they pay custom fees for you up front (it’s part of the price you pay for the product).

Is there a Pat McGrath Labs palette you’ve tried?
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