Colourpop Lux Gloss Figgy Wit It review

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I was never a fan of lipgloss but it took an unexpected purchase of a product I didn’t originally wanted to try to turn that around. The product? Colourpop’s Lux Gloss in Figgy Wit It. This was launched as part of the Making Mauves collection and since I was interested in the palette and the super shocks, I decided to buy a set. It included this gloss, but I thought I would dismiss it immediately and wouldn’t like it. But then I tried it and I fell in love and it made me want to try many other glosses. So let’s go back a step and let me explain why I like this.

Review: Colourpop Lux Gloss lipgloss Figgy Wit It

Colourpop is not a brand I really gravitate towards for their lip products. They do some things that are nice, but I think their shadows are probably their best product. So I hadn’t tried too many products save for the Lux Velvet Blur lipsticks. This kind of came as part of the set and so I had no expectations. The Lux Glosses retail for $8 but many of the shades are on sale. I have tried some other shades by now, but I feel they are not all created equal. Where this shade I love, I have also had some that were very thick and gloopy and not great at all. So this review is not a catchall recommendation for all Lux Glosses: it really depends on what shade you get how good it is.

What does this product have to offer?

The reason why I decided to just keep this and try it was because I felt the deal of the set was okay enough to just include this. Plus it has a great mauve shade with a little bit of a shimmer and so the shade was perfect for me. I hadn’t tried any other Colourpop lip glosses and I hadn’t tried many glosses to begin with. So I was expecting this to be a thick, gloopy mess that would just stick to everything as that is what I believe most lipglosses to be. However, this would teach me that in 2021, lipgloss can be a lot different and even be nourishing on the lips.

What is this lipgloss like?

So as I went in with very few expectations when I tried this. I really had expected this to be a disaster, but it ended up working great. I loved the shade, I loved the texture and I loved how this looked on the lips. It is a gloss, so it’s not going to last beyond a 2 hour mark if you talk, drink and eat. However, since I expect that from a gloss, I really don’t mind it here. I like the little bit of sparkle it has which makes the shade look quite dimensional, but it is not too glittery and therefore never uncomfortable. It feels great on the lips and I feel it doesn’t emphasize any dryness on my lips either.

What does this lipgloss swatch like?

So yes it’s a gloss and where I love lipsticks usually, this is very different for me. This is a smooth feeling gloss with a bit of a nourishing quality to it. Like I mentioned, not all shades of this gloss are the same and I feel that of all the shades I tried (around 5 of them) this is still my favorite one. I decided to keep 3 of them in the end and I feel the best ones are the ones with the micro sparkle to it. The ones that have no shimmer are the ones I feel are a bit thick and gloopy. So the formula seems highly inconsistent. If you were looking into buying these, you may want to look for reviews first.

My final thoughts

Colourpop’s Lux Gloss in Figgy Wit It was the lipgloss that kicked off my obsession with trying some lipglosses. Is it my favorite lipgloss ever? No that title would befall Tower 28 because their lipgloss in Coconut became a staple much quicker than this did. But this gloss will stick around for a while as it was the instigator for my love of lipgloss. It taught me that lipgloss can be great too and I especially like it if if has these mauve kind of shades. For that I will value it for some time to come, but I truly with the quality would be consistent throughout the entire line.

Would I recommend the Colourpop Lux Gloss in Figgy Wit It?

I would recommend this one, but it does not seem to be listed on the Colourpop website anymore. Maybe because they are doing a sale? I am not sure, so I can’t be sure if this will be coming back or not. In any case, be careful when you do look into buying these as not all shades are created equal and they aren’t all that amazing. This was a winner for me, but it would not be worth it to hunt this down to try it.

What is your favorite lipgloss?
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