Top 10 fall eyeshadow palettes

top 10 favorite eyeshadow palettes fall 2021

Since fall has hit us in full force, I decided it was time to update you on my top 10 favorite eyeshadow palettes for fall. Now I did that video last year and I thought it was only fair if I didn’t include any of the palettes I already mentioned before. Fall is simply my favorite season and so I felt I could easily pick ten new palettes. Because I tried quite a few palettes since last year and so I included some of those as well as some palettes that I have not yet tried but that I think are still great for this season and that I look forward to using hopefully soon.

Top 10 fall palettes 2021 // My favorite eyeshadow palettes for fall (10 new picks)

Palettes mentioned:

What would be your top 10 picks for fall?
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