Fall Fashion Haul 2021

fall fashion haul 2021

Today I am coming to you with my fall fashion haul! I love fall, it is my favorite season to shop for clothing and so it is usually my biggest haul. And I haven’t posted a fashion haul in almost 5 months so you know I have lots to update you on. Some of these items I got as early as during the summer sales and then some of these are more recent as I just got them in. So I am not sure you can still get all of these items and I again went to some vintage sales as well so those items you of course can no longer buy. So let’s get stuck in!

Fall Fashion Haul 2021 // New in H&M, ZARA, Monki, Sézane, vintage & more

Items mentioned:

  1. Monki pink spencer
  2. Monki red floral dress
  3. Monki khaki corduroy culottes
  4. Monki dark green corduroy mom jeans
  5. H&M black faux wrap dress
  6. H&M varsity cardigan
  7. H&M varsity gilet
  8. H&M black sleeveless blazer
  9. H&M flannel shirt
  10. H&M navy trousers
  11. H&M khaki teddy coat
  12. H&M beige teddy gilet
  13. ZARA green houndstooth blazer
  14. ZARA emerald green velvet blazer
  15. ZARA teal jackard blazer
  16. ZARA black, pink checkered trouser
  17. ZARA fuchsia shirt
  18. ZARA floral shirt
  19. ZARA burgundy turtleneck
  20. Sézane Chloé silk blouse
  21. Sézane Lucas sweater
  22. Sézane Lison cardigan
  23. Urban Outfitters Henley sweater
  24. Urban Outfitters Argyle sweater
  25. Dr. Marten’s Leonore Chelsea boot
  26. Dr. Marten’s 1460 Crazy Horse Winter grip boot
  27. Topshop red loafer
  28. ASOS 70s style brown platform boots
  29. Vintage finds: Levi’s 501, tweed jacket, cream pussycat bow blouse, blue ruffle bib blouse, Hawaii shirt, pink flannel shirt, ruffled collar high neck blouse
  30. Polène Numéro Un Dark Green Trio
What was your favorite find?
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