Nabla Cutie #5 Wild Berry

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We all know that my love for eyeshadow palettes is not waning and my recent love has been smaller, more curated color stories. The instigators for that love? Quite possibly the Nabla Cutie palettes. These 6 pan palettes by the Italian makeup brand made me fall in love hard. I already reviewed two of my favorites (Platinum and Coral) but not all of the color stories made it to the top of my list that easily. That’s why I thought that today we could look into one of my least favorite Cutie palettes: the Wild Berry.

Review: Nabla Cutie eyeshadow palette #5 Wild Berry

The Wild Berry retails for a similar price point as all the other cutie palettes: at €23.50 it is a bit up there considering this is only 6 pans. However, if the quality of those 6 pans is any good then the price point can of course still be worth it. And that is something all these cutie palette have going for them: the quality of the shades is really something else and I feel very different from other Nabla palette that I have tried.

What does this palette have to offer?

The Nabla Wild Berry Cutie palette is not only a 6 pan color story, it is a 6 pan color story that features some lovely bright, fun pops of color with some stunning shimmers. You get 3 mattes and 3 shimmers, which I think is a good split between the different textures. There is also a good range of depth here which I also quite enjoy. and yet, this palette is probably my least favorite Cutie palette. Why? The color story just isn’t my vibe.

What is the color story like?

So my main issue with this palette are the colors in here and then especially the mattes. They look very fun and vibrant in the pan, but on me they are sadly a bit too warm toned and therefore the palette isn’t all that perfect. The shimmers are lovely, but I don’t feel they mix well with the warm undertones of the mattes for the most part. I love Bucolic Baby though: that shade is stunning. And I know many people love Alchemy 2.0, but since I already own the original Alchemy in a single, it just isn’t anything that wowed me. So for me, this palette just doesn’t hit the mark like some of my other Cutie palettes.

How do these shadows swatch?

As you can see here, the palette skews very warm toned. The bottom right hand shade is a very warm toned peach that looks very red against my skin. The bright berry shade is perhaps my favorite, but when blended out I feel it pulls quite pink and less berry. The shimmers are nice but the shade Incense just doesn’t look as vibrant as I’d like it to be as it has quite a deep base layer to it and less of a shimmer. So while this palette has a lot going for it, I mean just look at the intensity and vibrancy of these shades!, but it just isn’t really my thing.

How do these shade apply to the face?

I think that when everything is said and done that I managed to create a good enough look here. The mattes blend easily, but that bright berry just looks a bit too much like a bruise on me. The shimmers are pretty and they are truly what elevates this look to another level. However, these just aren’t the kind of shades I love to reach for and if I were to reach for these kinds of shades I have other palettes that I feel can do something similarly that is more flattering on me.

My final thoughts

The Nabla Berry Cutie palette is one that I want to love but it just isn’t quite right for me. I am too fair and cool toned to pull this off and it just makes me look a bit sickly. I think if you have a warm undertone and a more medium to deep skin tone that this will look stunning on you! It has some lovely vibrant shades and the deepest shade is great for adding depth and definition. There truly is nothing wrong with this palette: the quality is amazing and up to par with other Nabla Cutie palettes that I have tried. It’s just that the colors aren’t something I would wear enough to get the use out of this palette.

Would I recommend the Nabla Cutie palette in Wild Berry?

As this isn’t a bad quality palette I would still recommend this palette if you were looking for a vibrant berry palette. My personal preference goes out to the berry shades in the Lime Crime Venus XL or the Dose of Colors Blushing Berries eyeshadow palettes. Those are more perfect for me. If these are your shades though I think you can look amazing in these shadows and you would definitely have a well-worth more curated color story that can foresee any berry need you may have.

What is a palette you tried that just wasn’t quite right?
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