Cover FX Blush Duo Mojave Mauve review

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In my current Shop My Stash I figured I could play around with some new blushes. Well, new… Blushes that I haven’t used much yet. At the end of 2020, I bought quite some blushes and I really haven’t reviewed all of them yet. So today we are reviewing a blush that I already knew I loved as I already tried it out. I just hadn’t gotten around to reviewing it just yet.

Review: Cover FX Monochromatic Blush Duo Mojave Mauve

So it really depends on where you get this product, how much you end up paying. I am seeing this listed for around the €30 mark on most places. But on Beauty Bay, where I bought mine, this blush duo retails for a whopping €36.75. Now Beauty Bay seems to have upped the prices of many different products since Brexit happened, which is a shame, however these inflated prices does mean you won’t have to pay for any added customs once you get your package. They just seem to have made most of the products more expensive to account for the fact that the UK is no longer part of the EU.

What does this product have to offer?

I remember when these first launched everyone was up in arms about how good these blushes are. And now, about a year or two later? It’s crickets. Which is a shame, because this is a great product that I feel deserves more love. That’s why I am coming to you with this review about a year too late. Oh well, such is life. But what you get in these blushes is a matte on the one side and a more glowy blush in the same shade on the other side. And this mauve shade had my name written all over it of course! It is one of 6 shades available and it was the one that appealed to me the most.

What is the shade like?

So the shade I ultimately bought and am reviewing for you here is Mojave Mauve. And it took me quite some time to decide what shade to get. Because online it was difficult to tell what these shades might be like on me. I had heard quite some people indicate how pigmented these blushes were and so I wanted to be careful and get something that would still work on me and not look too clownish. I remember first spotting these in New York in 2019, but decided against buying any at the moment. This shade appealed to me the most, but it ended up looking quite deep. Then, when Beauty Bay had a sale about a year later, I decided to finally buy it.

How does this blush swatch?

Luckily for me the shade is perfect! Yes it’s a bit of a deeper mauve shade, but it isn’t a very warm toned mauve which is why I feel this works for me. I need a little bit to add some color, but I love mixing and matching the two shades for a nicely glowy flushed look. The blush stays put all day and I personally have no issues with this ever showing up too dark on me. The matte blush I only tap my brush into once or twice and I typically apply a bit more of the glowy blush and I feel it looks stunning on.

How does this blush apply to the cheeks?

Here you can see the before and after effect of what this blush does for me. It is perfection! I love the texture, the shade, the ease of use and just the way this gos with anything and everything under the sun in terms of looks. I have worn this with smokey eyes, with very neutral looks and everything in between and it just works every time. Is this my perfect blush shade? You could say that and that’s why I love this. I can’t comprehend why I didn’t pull this into more heavy rotation any time sooner, because this is exactly what I like when it comes to blush.

My final thoughts

This blush by Cover FX in Mojave Mauve is everything it was hyped up to be. For me, this is quite possibly one of the best blushes that I have tried in a long time. And that is saying something because throughout the years I must have tried over 100 different blush formulas. I fell in love and I fell in love hard, but I don’t think any of the other shades in the range really would work as well for me as this one does. This has everything I want and the fact that it is both matte and shimmery and you can mix and match according to your mood is just an added bonus.

Would I recommend the CoverFX Blush Duo in Mojave Mauve?

Yes! I haven’t felt this great about a blush recommendation in a long time. This blush is stunning, I love the shade and if you are looking for a good blush that is just super flattering on, this is one for you. Yes, the price is a bit steep, especially if you live in the EU, but I feel it is well worth the money. You do get nearly 15 grams of product in the end, meaning that this duo comes with two full sized blushes for the price of one.

What is the last blush you fell in love with?
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