Viseart Petit Pro Midsommer review

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Today we are reviewing a mini palette. After trying the Viseart Petit Pro 3, I was pretty impressed with the formula and so I wanted to try more. At first, I wasn’t a huge Viseart fan. I had only tried their Sultry Muse palette, but since that has the same level of shimmer in every single pan, it just never ended up being my favorite. Since they are a more expensive brand, I wasn’t super excited to try more straight away. Until I tried the Petit Pro 3 and low key fell in love. So I wanted more and that’s why I purchased the Petit Pro Midsommer which I may love even more.

Review: Viseart Petit Pro Midsommer eyeshadow palette

So this palette was released just over a year ago and may be a bit more difficult to find by now. You can still find it on Beauty Bay and several other international retailers though so you may need to shop around, but it’s there. It retails for around €30 at full price which for a mini palette like this is quite steep but it is less money than the larger 12 pan palettes like the Sultry Muse. I therefore like these palettes as they are far more attainable for the average consumer and also much more workable. If you were wanting to try the brand, then I think the Petit Pro line is a good one to look into.

What does this palette have to offer?

Can you understand why I wanted to own this? This is a super neutral palette but one that leans very pinky/ mauve. It’s not exactly cool toned, but more of a neutral palette with more mattes than shimmers. There are a few tones here that are a bit more warm toned and I feel you can’t really tell until you start applying it. What makes this palette stand out though is its softness: this is a beautifully soft and pretty palette that is super easy to wear.

What is the color story like?

So this palette is one that you might look at and think: yes that is a Maaike kind of palette! Because this palette has all the shades I need. I would like to have a few more shimmers perhaps, but overall these shades are right up my alley. I love a good mauve and this is a neutral palette featuring 2 shimmers and 6 mattes in several shades of rosy browns, pinks and mauves. There are two true warm toned mattes and everything else is neutral in its undertone. None of the shades are too dark though so it’s not the most versatile palette, but if you are fair this will be great as it will never look too intense.

How does this palette swatch?

So as I learned from trying the Petit Pro 3, these shades have some great pigmentation. The mattes especially are great. I had heard great news about Viseart mattes for years, but wasn’t sure. And since I usually prefer shimmers over mattes, it’s not something I really look for. Still, these mattes are truly something different. One of the shimmers in this palette is actually not the best (workable, but not great) so this is not a great example of what Viseart shimmers can do.

How does this palette apply?

I feel that this is one of those palettes that truly comes to life when applied to the eyes. I used all 8 shades to create this look and I love it. That shimmer in the bottom right corner is an amazing duochrome pink with a blue flip that is quite unexpected. It truly elevates the palette from bland and boring to something more exciting. I love how this palette comes together. It has some stunning shades that play together beautifully and because you get so many variations of similar shades it makes for a very cohesive look.

My final thoughts

I loved my Petit Pro 3, but the Viseart Petit Pro Midsommer is an even better palette. Granted, this isn’t a very versatile palette but this is pretty. If you are someone who likes simple, everyday makeup that doesn’t need a lot of brainspace this is great. The mattes are so easy to blend, you get an outstanding shimmer and it all comes together so beautifully. This is a great palette for people in professions where wearing lots of makeup is simply a no go, but if you still want to look put together without it being too obvious. A great no makeup, makeup kind of palette.

Would I recommend the Viseart Petit Pro Midsommer?

This palette is so pretty, but also quite expensive. So this won’t be for everyone. If you can’t shell out this kind of money for such a basic palette than that is totally understandable. I think that buying a Colourpop palette could give you a similar result. So you don’t need this to achieve this aesthetic, but I love this palette for what it does and if you like your makeup to do the work for you, then this is for you.

What is an expensive palette you love?
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