Travel makeup bag

travel makeup bag

In this video I will be talking you through what I pack in my travel makeup bag. I will be going on a few work trips again soon which are no more than one or two night stays, but I thought I could show you what I bring. My aim is to not pack too much and so I go with a very paired down version of my usual makeup & beauty routing. Still, I thought I could show you every little bit I pack. I like to keep it simple, try to go for minis and sample sizes and if I were to travel to a different place I would actually not pack this much but seek out a drugstore and buy some minis straight off. That way I never have to pack much and don’t run the risk of anything leaking in my bag. What do you pack?

Travel Makeup Bag // Makeup & beauty bits I bring on a short work trip

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What do you pack for a short trip?
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