Bare Minerals Blonzer review

Round 2 of reviews today is a blush review and one that is currently in my Shop My Stash. The Bare Minerals Blonzer in Kiss of Pink is a product that is much raved about. And for about a year now Bare Minerals has become available in The Netherlands. It took a while before this became available, but when I saw it popping up on Douglas, I bought one straight away. Since this is the first Bare Minerals product I ever tried, it is also my introduction to the brand.

Review: Bare Minerals Gen Nude Blonzer in Kiss of Pink

So Bare Minerals is one of those brands I had been wanting to try for some time. But the basic products and the fact that is was hard for me to buy, meant I had just never gotten a chance to use. A case of: so much makeup, so little time. However, now that I can buy the brand and it is even available from my local store, I think it may be much easier for me to try some more. Bare Minerals isn’t cheap fare though: this blush retails for €29.00 at full price which is quite a lot of money but then again quite regular for a more high end brand. And if it’s good? Then I am more than happy to pay this kind of price.

What does this product have to offer?

Well, it’s all in the name isn’t it? This is a Blonzer: a blush and bronzer mixed into one. And that had me nervous at first. When this was first announced I didn’t think much of it. I have tried blush/ bronzer hybrids in the past and those I ended up not loving. They were too pink toned to act as a bronzer and too brown toned to work on me as a blush. However, this shade ended up looking far more pink than bronze to me, so I figured it could make for a great blush shade.

What is this product like?

So this blush is available in three shades. Kiss of Pink is the lightest one. All three shades are warm toned but this still has a good amount of pink to it. This makes it a very wearable warm pink that looks very natural on. You can’t really tell in the pan, but this has a soft satin sheen that makes it even more flattering on. This is one of those blushes I just love: it is easy to apply, easy to wear and looks great with every makeup look you wear.

How does this blush swatch?

It is when you swatch this blush that you can really see what it will do. In the pan I feel this looks darker and more matte than it does when you apply this. It is quite powdery with a bit of kickup when you stick your brush in, but a little goes a long way. This can be build up easily and never looks clownish or like too much when applied. You really only need a few dabs of this and what you get is a stunning warmish pink glow that looks very natural on the skin.

How does this blush apply?

As you can see this blush looks great on: it has a very natural look about it. It reminds me a lot of the Ofra Chicklit blush but then more wearable and easy to use. I feel it has a similar vibe with a warmish pink hue, but I think I prefer this one. I find the Bare Minerals easier to use as it sheers out more easily. With the Ofra I have to be careful I do not apply too much, but with this one I feel I can never overdo it.

My final thoughts

Bare Minerals Blonzer in Kiss of Pink is a great blush that I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of. It has a great shade for me, has a bit of glow and is easy to use. Plus, I love a blush that just goes with everything. No matter what look I pair this with it just always works, it looks great one and I just love how this product is just so foolproof and easy to use.

Would I recommend the Bare Minerals Blonzer?

If you can still find it then: yes! However, this product seems to be a limited release and has been discontinued in some places with no word on whether and if this will be back in stock. Here in The Netherlands we can still get it though so it seems to be a matter of: get it while you still can. This is a great blush that can cater to many different skin tones if you like a warm toned pink blush look.

Have you tried the Bare Minerals Blonzer?
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