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High time I did another eyeshadow palette review for you guys! I skipped the last two Saturdays as work has been super busy and I just didn’t have the energy. But that’s why today we are doing a double whammy and you can expect another review to go up later today. But first up: Huda Beauty’s Sand Haze. Let’s see whether this is any good?

Review: Huda Beauty Sand Haze eyeshadow palette

Let’s talk about this Huda Beauty Obsessions palette. This is not the first time I am reviewing one of these and it won’t be the last one. The brand keeps putting these out and I keep trying more. I really like these little Huda palettes as they are a much better bang for your buck if you want to try the brand. They always do three in one go and I don’t always find all the color stories appealing, but often they do. These palettes retail for €29.95 each, but I often buy them in sales as they are even better priced then.

What does this palette have to offer?

The Haze line was released last year and it got very mixed reviews. I ended up buying all three palettes. The Sand Haze was the one I was least decided on as it seemed to be the most boring of the three. However, I never bought the Nude Obsessions in Medium as that was far too warm toned and I felt this could bridge the gap nicely between the Nude Obsessions Light and Rich that I do have. So for me, this ended up being a good neutral palette: it has quite a rosy undertone and that I feel is something Huda Beauty does very well.

What is the color story like?

This palette is one that is very close to perfection for me. There are four shimmer and five mattes and there is a good range of shades here. There are quite a few light shades here which means it is perfect for my fair skin and the shimmers also give me everything I need: from topper shades to some good lid shimmers and there are some good shades for the crease, blending and deepening things up. Apart from the matte white int his palette, I pretty much like every single shade. I never really use matte whites and I would have preferred it if that shade were a shimmer instead.

How does the palette swatch?

As you can see in the swatches, these shades go on beautifully. There is one shade that isn’t great in a finger swatch which is the shimmer in the top left corner, but I would only use that as a topper any way. Other than that, this is a good rosy toned eyeshadow palette that can give you lots of options. The mattes are what stand out most here: they go on smoothly, blend easily and look stunning. The shimmers need some more building up but I feel they stil go on well enough provided you use a finger.

How do these shades apply?

These little Huda palettes are great one look in a palette type of palettes. I love using them for quick easy looks that are no brainers and that’s what this is. The rosy tones are very nice on and perhaps a bit deeper and warm toned than I had expected at first glance. However, I think this is a very stunning look that will appeal to many people. It has some good depth, the shimmers are pretty and I love how this comes together. I have used every sahde here and as you can see there is good payoff here and I like how this applied.

My final thoughts

Huda Beauty Sand Haze is a great rosy toned neutral palette that is versatile enough and a good midtoned neutral that can suit many different skin tones. It is light enough to suit my fair skin tone but I can also see this working quite easily on medium to deep skin tones as well. There is a good rosy tone to it, which I liked and there is quite some warmth here. However, if I were to blend in more of the plum shades, I think it would have skewed more cool toned. All in all, a good palette at a fair price point.

Would I recommend the Huda Beauty Sand Haze eyeshadow palette?

I really like the Huda Beauty palettes. These small obsessions palettes are great and I know they don’t always get the best reviews, but I like all the ones I have and tried. These are just good, no brainer palettes that are easy to use. These are great if you are a beginner in makeup and need something easy to use. So yes, if you like the look of these, buy one you like, because these are some great little, concise and curated eyeshadow palettes.

What is your favorite Huda Beauty palette?
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