Perfume Collection 2022

perfume fragrance collection 2022

Today we are taking a look at my entire perfume collection. I am no expert, but I love a good scent and so I like updating you once a year on where we stand, what I have added, what I am loving and what I am excited to try some more of. These are all the ones I have: from the more well known name brands to more affordable offerings from clothing stores (ZARA is a huge favorite), but I definitely do not enjoy what most people like. I like things that stand out to me and I have identified roughly three categories of fragrances I enjoy: warm & spicy, clean & fresh and powdery fragrances. So let’s talk fragrance!

Perfume Collection 2022 // All of my fragrances incl. reviews & scent notes

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What is your favorite prefume/ fragrance?
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