Dior Forever Natural Nude foundation review

Dior Forever Natural Nude foundation review swatch makeup look 0N fair skin dry skin sensitive skin

Because yes, I AM in fact rounding up some foundation reviews in preparation for an upcoming video. This foundation, along with the Kiko I reviewed for your last Monday and another foundation I will be reviewing on Friday, is in my current Shop My Stash. But I kind of already knew I’d love this going into it. Why? Because one of my all time favorite foundations is by them and I have tried at least one other foundation by them that is also in my current top 10 favorite foundations. So I had high hopes for the Dior Forever Natural Nude foundation.

Review: Dior Forever Natural Nude Foundation 0N

So where the previous foundation reviews were all quite affordable picks, I personally prefer more high end foundations. This mainly has to do with the available shades and formulas. Most drugstore brands only do a hand full of shades and they often come out with medium and full coverage foundations. I personally prefer something more lightweight and because I am very fair skinned, I always struggle finding my shade. This foundation retails for €53 and comes in 17 shades. 0N, which is the shade I have, is the lightest shade available.

What does the Dior Forever Natural Nude foundation have to offer?

Truth be told, I think this foundation is a good replacement for the old foundation I already reviewed in 2014. This foundation promises to be lightweight and give a natural look to the skin. It should be longwearing and add hydration and glow. It comes in a glass bottle with a pump. Mine seemed a bit faulty at first, but after a few pumps the product came out just fine, but I did get quite a bit as a result. The brand claims this product is made with 96% natural ingredients and should be suitable even for sensitive skin. In short, I think you can understand why I was hoping this seemed like a good foundation pick for me.

How does the foundation swatch?

On the back of my hand, I wasn’t too enthusiastic about this product. It looked a bit too light, I struggled getting the right amount of product and therefore, as I started blending it in, it turned a little bit streaky. So I wasn’t so sure about this one. However, when using the right amount and a makeup sponge this foundation is not only spot on in terms of coverage, but also in the shade match and the texture. In terms of texture this isn’t the most hydrating foundation I have ever used, but it certainly feels nice, it feels like skin and stays feeling like that all day. Fun fact: I wore this to a workout class and this lasted all day still, so the longwearing claim is most certainly true.

What is the shade match like?

Have you ever seen a shade match this perfect? My neck is actually lighter than my face, which is why even if I go into store I sometimes end up with a foundation that is too dark for me. So my test for the shade match is always how well the product blends into my neck. And this blends in perfectly. I honestly haven’t tried a foundation with such a perfect shade for me in a while. 0N is perhaps a little bit more yellow toned but on the skin, with the rest of the makeup done, this really isn’t noticeable. I’d say this is indeed a foundation with a neutral undertone, which is perfect for my neutral skin tone.

What is the coverage like?

Now I prefer a natural look to my foundation. This indeed has a lightweight texture. The coverage is light but buildable to more of a medium coverage. As you can see in these pictures my redness is gone for the most part, but it still looks like my skin. This is exactly what I am looking for in terms of coverage for my foundations. This obviously still needs a bit of concealer, but overall I really like the look. This is not super glowy, but it certainly isn’t fully matte either. There is still life to the skin once this has been applied which is a good thing.

My final thoughts

My prediction that I was going to love the Dior Forever Natural Nude foundation was indeed correct. This is a lovely everyday foundation and ticks all the boxes I need. The texture works well on my dry skin and this doesn’t look cakey. This easily lasts a full workday and then some as it holds up well even under more strenuous conditions. The finish is lovely and looks very natural. It feels great and my skin never felt itchy or like I was wearing any makeup at all. That’s always a good thing!

Would I recommend the Dior Forever Natural Nude foundation?

Yes, if you are looking for a great natural foundation, this is a good everyday pick. Whether this foundation comes in your shade though remains questionable. I mean 17 shades is okay, but it isn’t mindblowing. Luckily most of the undertones are neutral, which means that whether you are warm or cool toned you might still be able to get away with it. However for an expensive brand like Dior, I think they should still really be working on the shade range for sure.

Have you ever tried a Dior foundation?
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