Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher review

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You know I love my k-beauty products, but one products I love in particular is the Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher. I already tried it in Ginger Honey Cookie and after loving it so much I bought another one in Lavender Lemon Macaron. So today we are reviewing this very soft, pretty pinky lavender shade that looks great on my super fair skin. So let’s get to it.

Review: Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher Lavender Lemon Macaron

I buy my K-beauty products through Yesstyle. Last year, a brand representative contacted me and gave me a coupon code to order some products with. So this product was part of that order. However, you can buy a blusher for €11.50, but Yesstyle often does offers on different products. So I bought the first one I tried for just €5.00. So these can be an absolute steal as the formula is amazing and even at the higher price point I think this is still worth it.

What does this blusher have to offer?

So the Lovely Cookie Blusher by Etude House is a great blush that has a silky smooth texture and amazing lasting power. This being a K-beauty product, most of the shades this comes in are quite soft. The shade range was extended since I first tried these and this very light lavender shade is part of the new, extended shade range. In typical K-beauty fashion, this blush has adorable packaging (that is a bit cheap, not gonna lie) with a domed plastic compact and a lovely little puff that you could use to apply the blush. I personally prefer a brush still, but it certainly makes for an appealing look.

Why is this blush so amazing?

Let’s just cut ot the chase: I love the Lovely Cookie Blusher and the reason is the formula. These are soft, silky, smooth and easy to apply. I love them for a quick easy look and the first shade I got was more of a neutral so I decided to go for something different this time round. So I opted for this very light lavender pink shade. When I first saw this I was afraid it wouldn’t do much, but in the dead of winter, when I am at my palest looks so pretty.

How does this blush swatch?

So yes, this is light very light. If you have a deeper skin tone this will not do anything on your skin. However, if you are a snow angel like me, this is going to be a great shade. I would describe this shade not as a lavender though. It is much more pink toned when you swatch it. So if you were to ask me, this blush shade is in between a pink and purple. This gives it a very brightening effect on the cheeks and with this incredible formula you also get a very longlasting formula.

What does this look like on the cheeks?

In case you were wondering what this would look like on the cheeks, this is proof that this actually does show up on the cheeks. As you can see it gives a pretty, soft, look that is very much in line with what most K-beauty brands have to offer. It has a very bright effect too, but once you zoom out and look at it in a full look you can see that is a very cool toned look as well. Great for the winter time, not so great when I am a bit more tan in the summer time, which is when I took these pictures. However, I used this blush a tonne when I put it in my shop my stash and I really enjoyed it.

My final thoughts

The Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher in Lavender Lemon Macaron is a lovely product that I think has a lot going for it. It has a great formula, it has great longevity and it is a very unique shade. So if you were to ask me if these blushes are worth it, then the answer would be yes. I really love these and I would buy many more if the shades weren’t all so similar. As far as the entire line goes, I would recommend getting one or two shades and stick to that and love on them hard.

Would I recommend the Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher?

Yes, I would. These blushes are great, come in a great deal of shades that I think can work on many different people. However, this being K-beauty the offerings may be meagre pickings if you have a deeper skin tone. If there is one thing K-beauty is known for it’s there not so inclusive shade ranges. Color offerings can be limited and don’t go beyond lighter neutrals or more vibrant sahdes.

What do you think of the Etude House Lovely cookie Blusher?
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