Top 3 palettes from every brand

top 3 eyeshadow palettes from every brand

Today we are kicking off eyeshadow palette week! Who’s excited?! I am excited! And we are kicking things off with a speed review video where I showcase my top 3 favorite eyeshadow palettes by 15 different brands. So we’re chatting about 45 palettes in total in this video today. Some of these will come as no surprise as they are old favorites that I love and I have mentioned them often in other videos and reviews. However, I have also included some newer palettes as I don’t just want to mention discontinued palettes. So yes, we have a very mixed video today with lots of favorites. Hope you enjoy!

Top 3 From Every Brand // Favorite eyeshadow palettes by 15 different brands (Palette Week #1)

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What would be your top 3 favorite palettes from every brand?
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