Reorganizing my eyeshadow palettes

reorganizing repotting depotting repressing eyeshadow palette singles

Today we are reorganizing some color stories of some of my eyeshadow palettes! I love doing this after a declutter. Why keep around palettes for just a few shades, if you can reorganize them and create a color story you’ll love? Now with some palettes this is easier to do than others, but if you know how to depot, repress and reorganize your palettes you can make many palettes work and give them a bit of a revamp. It’s a great way to add some renewed spice to your palette collection and with some of these I now feel I have completely new palettes. So let’s get organized!

Eyeshadow Palette Reorganization // Depotting, repotting, repressing & reorganizing color stories

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Have you ever reorganizing the color stories of your palettes?
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