Colourpop Pretty Fresh spray review

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In recent months I have had just one setting spray in my shop my stash: The Colourpop Pretty Fresh setting spray. I rolled this in after using up my last one and it was just one I had. I wasn’t expecting much. With most setting sprays I find them neither here nor there: I am never wowed and mostly they end up disappointing me because they have a bad spritzer, not because I don’t like the product. For the most part, every setting spray I have ever tried I have liked enough to use it up completely. I hardly ever consider them good enough for a repurchase though (save for the Makeup Revolution Green Tea one), but I may have found one that I would like to buy again. These are my thoughts.

Review: Colourpop Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Setting Mist

Let’s talk price point. Colourpop is a middle to affordable drugstore priced brand, but since they are based in the US, the shipping and handling fees can be quite a chunk if they have to be added on top. So this may retail for just $12, if you’re in Europe you will never actually pay that. Personally, I always wait for a 25 – 30% sale, make sure I have enough products to buy to get free shipping (somewhere between $60 – $100 in retail value) and that’s how I can keep the additional costs as low as possible. Whether you find that worth it is something I would like to leave up to you as that is personal. To me, it is worth it enough to consider this throwing in another one of these in my next order.

What does this setting spray offer?

This being part of the Pretty Fresh line, it is probably no surprise perhaps that this is promising to be a hydrating face mist. It contains hyaluronic acid (not necessarily my favorite skincare ingredient), which can make it indeed more hydrating. However, since this is a setting mist and you apply it on top of makeup, I am not entirely sure it will actually benefit your skin. What I was hoping this would do is to mesh my makeup together, make it look less powdery and more importantly help with the longevity of my makeup look. This setting spray ticks off all three boxes.

What does this setting spray do?

For me, the expectations aren’t all that high for my setting sprays. This works really well, it has a scent but it isn’t bothersome and the mister is spot on. This really allows you to apply a very even, thin layer of setting spray. Where some setting sprays can feel like it attacks your face (looking at you Essence) the Colourpop Pretty Fresh setting spray is perhaps one of the finest mists that still works well. What’s more I am not racing through this in under three seconds flat. Another pet peeve of mine with setting sprays is how quickly you can go through them. With this, I have been using it consistently for 2 months now and I am only halfway through the bottle. I love it when I get a bit more bang for my buck.

What does this look like on the skin?

With setting sprays it is so hard to show a ‘swatch’ and since this is such a fine mist, it doesn’t even really show up if I spray some on the back of my hand. So to show you what this does, I figured I could only show you a before/ after. On the left you can see my finished makeup look before setting spray (minus mascara and lipstick, I always do those steps after setting spray). To the right is the effect of the setting spray. My face looks a little bit more dewy, a bit more natural and a bit less makeuppy. I have been wearing it lots these past few months and I have found this makes my makeup last as well as some of my other favorite setting sprays (but a primer truly makes a difference in that part of a makeup routine in my opinion).

My final thoughts

The Colourpop Pretty Fresh setting spray is one that surprised me. I decluttered all my other Pretty Fresh products (the foundation, the concealer) save for the tinted moisturizer. So I liked some of them but not all, which seems to be how I feel about most Colourpop products. This being a success I am happy with. This works, it smells nice (but not overly fragranced) and it does exactly what I need it to do. If you have oily skin this may not work, but for everyone with a dry/ dehydrated to normal skin type may find this can be that extra bit of help for your makeup routine.

Would I recommend the Colourpop Pretty Fresh setting spray?

Yes! I kicked off my review stating that I would definitely repurchase this. Due to the costs I only buy from Colourpop twice a year: in the summer time and during the Black Friday sale. Of late, Colourpop releases have been very underwhelming for me so I don’t know when I will be buying from them again. When I do however, I will definitely make sure to buy myself a back up. If you are looking for a more affordable, hydrating setting spray, then this is definitely a good option to try. But don’t buy just this one product from Colourpop: make sure you want to get some more products first.

What is your favorite affordable setting spray?
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