Lime Crime Venus III review

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Just because I have decided to lump all my palette pictures into my 10 palette review blog posts from now on, doesn’t mean I won’t be doing any dedicated eyeshadow palette reviews any more. There are a few older palettes that I would still like to review for you and I may run into a palette in the future that just warrents it’s own dedicated blog post. One such palette? The Lime Crime Venus III palette. This is one that slipped through the cracks and I still wanted to give it its moment to shine.

Review: Lime Crime Venus III eyeshadow palette

One of the best things about Lime Crime? They don’t discontinue their palettes in a heartbeat. The Venus III palette has been out for a while, but this is still readily available. It retails for €37 which for an 8 pan palette may seem quite steep. That said, I have enjoyed Lime Crime’s formula for some time now and I have found every palette I tried by them to be worth the price point. However, if you have never tried them before, you may want to wait for a sale because that will make the deal just a bit sweeter.

What does this palette have to offer?

The Lime Crime palette family is one that comes in smaller and larger palettes. I own two of the bigger palettes and including this one three of the smaller 8 pans. Of the 8 pans this is quite possibly one of the softer options. It has some pretty spring shades here and I think it is a good alternative for the Nabla Soul Blooming palette that was discontinued. The palette has very similar colors to it and it is a great thing to try if you never got a chance to try the Nabla and still would like to.

What does this palette swatch like?

Now the swatches don’t look too impressive here, but I promise these can be built up and work well. There are three mattes and five shimmers, but what makes this palette more interesting is that there are different textures within the shimmers. That is rare in most palettes as they mainly feature metallics these days. But here we get a range from satin to shimmer to metallic which adds some interest. The longevity of these shades is great with a bit of double priming action and I thought the looks very pretty.

2 Looks, 1 Palette

As is customary here on the blog I always include a few looks I did when trying out the palette. And as you can see here: this makes for a pretty purple look and a pretty neutral leaning look.

Look 1: Purple

Now I love me some purple and as you can see this palette makes for a stunning purple look. Now there are many purples out there but often they are very warm toned with a lot of red mixed in. As you can see here these are nicely cool toned and it works very well for a bright pop of something. And while many of the shades looked very lackluster in a finger swatch, when you build them up with a brush you can get some great intensity. Now this is a formula I like.

Look 2: neutral

And the second look was also a great one. Even though the palette looks to be quite warm toned, the coral-peach shade pulls more rosy on me. It therefore looks more like a neutral and paired with some of the lighter shades it makes for a great neutral look with a twist. Because this has a bit more color to it than most neutrals, I find this a bit more interesting than when this palette would have had some classic neutral shades. All in all, a great everyday look.

My Final Thoughts

Yes, the Lime Crime Venus III eyeshadow palette is a good one. It has some really good shades that combine into stunning looks. It has a great spring vibe with some vibrant bright shades that need a bit of building up but then looks incredibly stunning when you do. There are also enough neutral shades here to create a more everday look and you know my favorite thing with any palette is if it has any sort of versatility. And this palette most certainly does have versatility. Apart from these two looks I can see at least another 2 – 3 looks easily with just these 8 shades and that’s something.

Would I recommend the Lime Crime Venus III?

Yes and no. Is this an absolute must have palette that everyone needs in their collection? Not at all. However if you are looking for a colorful palette that doesn’t have too many shades and you like purples? This may be a good one. It is both colorful and muted at the same time and so I also think this is great for people who would like to try color but who may be nervous to try that out.

Have you tried any Lime Crime palettes?
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