Catrice Cheek Lover Oil-Infused blush review

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We all know about my love for blush but if I find a good one that is affordable? Oh boy, you better hold your horses because you are about to get a big old rave about one of my most recent, favorite finds at the drugstore. The Catrice Cheek Lover Oil-Infused blush in Blooming Hibiscus originally didn’t appeal to me at all. It looked too much like NARS Orgasm or The Balm’s Hot Mama in the pan and so I figured that like those two shades I would find this too dark. Lo and behold: the Catrice rendition is a bit deceiving as on the cheeks this looks far more cool toned on my complexion. Let’s rave!

Review: Catrice Cheek Lover Oil-Infused blush in 010 Blooming Hibiscus

Reason 1 for this raving review? The price point. Catrice is never a super expensive brand to buy from. This blush in particular is a little bit higher than most Catrice products. Yet at €4.99 this still doesn’t break the bank. On top of that I find that many of my Catrice blushes compete against high end blushes and come out on top. So yeah, if you are looking for a good blush at an affordable price point that is as good as (or even better than) high end, you’re in the right place.

What does this blush have to offer?

Reason no. 2 for this raving review: the blush formula. This is a stunner of a blush. I wasn’t sure what oil-infused meant at first, but this feels very smooth and butter yet it looks and applies like your average baked blush. Ingenious! It’s easy to apply, never looks like too much and the sheen on this baby is absolutely gorgeous. If you are into that natural looking glow like I am, then definitely give this a try because it will be worth the shot.

What does this blush swatch like?

Reason no. 3 for this raving review? The shade. Now I already mentioned in the intro that looks can be deceiving with this one. In the pan this looks like a peachy coral with a golden sheen. But in fact, in real life the sheen is not as warm as it looks and the peachy coral shade is more of a coral leaning pink. In a full on swatch it still looks quite golden toned but once applied to the cheeks? That’s when the magic happens. I don’t know how they do it but this looks stunning on my fair skin but because this is such a chameleon of a blush shade I am sure this will be great if you have a deeper or warmer skin tone as well.

What does this blush apply like to the cheeks?

Reason no. 4 for this rave review? What it looks like on the cheeks! I mean swatches and closeup pictures are nice and all but what we need to see is how this blush applies onto the cheeks. As you can see here this blush is absolutely gorgeous. It has a pretty sheen a good shade and it looks so natural. I can literally pile this on and it never looks like too much. Because of the glow it looks natural and the shade makes this a perfect ‘sunkissed’ flushed look for the cheeks. What’s not to love?

My final thoughts

With the Catrice Cheek Lover blush in Blooming Hibiscus I could only ask myself one thing: Why didn’t I try this sooner? So I wanted to make sure to give this it’s own dedicated review as it is just so pretty. This works in the summer for that summer glow look and really all you need it this. You can easily forego the use of a highlighter when using this. In the winter time this will be great for that just in from the cold look which I also love going for every once in a while. In short, this blush is a great all rounder that I think will be flattering on most people.

Would I recommend the Catrice Cheek Lover blush?

YES! YES! YES! This is one of the best blushes I have tried in a long time and I have tried many in recent years. What’s more is that this is a great blush for any budget, for any skin tone and therefore for anybody. If you were in the market for a gorgeous blush on a budget, then definitely don’t sleep on this one. Because as we all know: Catrice loves discontinuing products so this may just disappear before you know it.

What is the last blush you tried and absolutely loved?
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