Save or Splurge

save or splurge

What makeup do I like to buy on the cheap and what makeup do I like to shell out some more money? Well that’s the question I am answering in today’s video. I have quite an extensive makeup routine, but I don’t spend much money on many steps in that routine, keeping it more affordable. In fact, the products I change up the most as I go through them and use them up continuously are the products I buy from drugstore or budget brands. As I replace them all the time, the costs can add up so I like to save money in those areas. However, because I have fair skin, I do feel I need to spend more money in other areas to get better quality items or to get products that actually match my skin tone.

Save or Splurge? // What makeup to save money on and what makeup to splurge money on

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What makeup do you like to save or splurge money on?
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