Fenty Beauty cream blush review

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In today’s blog post I am going to be reviewing a product that I feel I should have reviewed ages ago. I honestly thought I had already included this one on the blog, but as it turns out: I hadn’t yet. Yet it has been in my Shop My Stash several times and I keep coming back to it. So you just know that I am loving this one. What am I talking about? The Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out cream blush. This was one of the first cream blushes I tried after not loving cream blush for years. But the shade Strawberry Drip is one that is perfect for summer!

Review: Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out Freestyle cream blush in Strawberry Drip

I have tried quite a few Fenty Beauty products by now. Overall I really like the brand, even if not all products are perfect for me. The Cheeks Out cream blush is one that I do love. It comes in the iconic hexagon shaped compact and retails for €24. Now don’t be fooled by the size of this: the compact is easily a third of the size of the bronzers. You should therefore know you get a lot less product: only 3 grams of product.

What does this blush have to offer?

One of the reasons why I wanted to try the Fenty Beauty cream blush was fairly simple. I had tried other products from the brand before and when I saw they were also doing blush, I wanted to try it. Sadly, the only blush they do are creams. The brand doesn’t do any powder blushes yet and so I was stuck with a cream. So I am glad I ended up loving this. It comes in 9 different shades and Strawberry Drip I would describe as a pink toned coral.

What is this cream blush like?

By now I have a bit more experience using cream blushes but this being one of the first ones I do think this is a good cream blush for a beginner. Some cream blushes can be quite emolient which can be a bit more difficult to control. This one has more of a cream to powder texture where it isn’t too glowy or slippy. This settles down quite quickly though so you do need to work fast to get it go in. I also like using my fingers when apply a cream blush but I will get into that in a little bit.

What does this blush look like in a swatch?

As intense as this looks in the pan, that is not what you get when you swatch this. It is due to that cream to powder finish: once you stick your fingers in this isn’t super intense. You can of course build it up, but with just one swipe the result is quite a sheer shade. There is no sheen or shine to this and once it settles down it won’t budge. Great if you have oily skin, but for very dry skin this may not be perfect. You therefore have to be careful where to place it. I don’t have that many dry patches on my cheeks or where I would normally apply blush, but if you have very dry skin this may not be great for you.

How does this blush apply?

Judging by the swatch you will have gauged that this blush isn’t as intense as it might look like. On the cheeks this gives off a very pretty flushed look. It has a bit of warmth making it perfect for the summer time, but the pink undertone to this means this could work for me year round. So how do I apply this product: with my fingers! I use a very particular way of application when I use a cream blush. I put some on my middle finger, then rub both middle fingers together to warm up the product and then I gently tap it onto my cheeks. If needed, I use my makeup sponge to blend in the edges for a more blended look. It works every time and it works wonders with this one as the warmth of my fingers gives me a little bit more play time.

My final thoughts

The Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out cream blush in Strawberry Drip has become a good summer staple in my makeup collection. This product is a great one. It adds enough color but without making me look like a clown, which against my fair skin is something that can happen easily. I think many people may like this. You won’t need much in terms of how much you need every time you use this. A little definitely goes a long way so I truly don’t mind that this comes with a lot less product than most blushes on the market.

Would I recommend the Fenty Beauty cream blush?

I think this is a great product. So yes I would recommend this. I think they do a shade that can be right for everyone and if you have never tried a cream blush before I think this formula is very easy to work with. Overall I do think this is perhaps better for people with normal to oily skin. If you have very dry skin this may not look pretty as the formula dries down quickly and can accentuate texture.

What is your favorite cream blush?
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