Top 5 Bottom 5 Nabla

top 5 bottom 5 nabla

I thought that today would be a good moment to chat about my top 5 and bottom 5 Nabla makeup products. I did a full face with Nabla products last year so I have tried quite a few of their products. Therefore today is a round up of all the Nabla products I tried. I tell you about my bottom 5 products which are the products I didn’t love. They can still be good, but I feel it wasn’t quite right for me. My top 5 are some of my all time favorite products so those you may already be able to predict. Can you guess what will be featured in my Nabla favorites?

Top 5 Bottom 5 Nabla // Favorite, best & worst Nabla makeup

Products mentioned:

What are your favorite nabla products?
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