What my makeup collection would look like if I didn’t review makeup?

non-youtube non beauty blogger makeup collection

This video idea was inspired by a comment on my Youtube channel. When someone commented about not being a makeup reviewer on Youtube and what their collection looks like, I figured I could do a thought experiment and show you the products I think I would have in my makeup collection if I weren’t doing this. And by this I mean 10+ years of blogging and 5+ years of making Youtube videos. It all sort of grew organically from there and now so many years later, and so many product reviews later I am still enjoying trying new products and letting you know what I like and is worth your money. So these would be my top top picks that I would have in my collection if I didn’t do this.

Non-Youtube Makeup Collection // What makeup would I use if I wasn’t on Youtube?

Products mentioned:

What does your makeup collection look like?
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